Yoshio Ichikawa, Takashi Ohyagi: Battery saver for a paging receiver or the like _. NEC Corporation, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak and Seas, March 19, 1985: US04506386 (81 worldwide citation)

A battery saving circuit for use in a portable radio communication apparatus adapted to receive a communication signal which includes a preamble and identification codes. The apparatus includes a receiver section, a waveform shaper section, a decoder section and a power supply. The battery saving ci ...


Ronald D Baxter: ISFET sensor and method of manufacture. General Signal Corporation, W G Miller Jr, Harold Huberfeld, March 19, 1985: US04505799 (73 worldwide citation)

There is provided an ISFET structure and a method for manufacturing that structure such that external electrical contact to the P+ source and drain regions is made through individual holes etched from the back to the source and drain regions with sidewall isolation being provided in the holes and me ...

Everett C Cogbill, Robert S Sprinkle III: Innerliner wrap for smoking articles. American Brands, Pennie & Edmonds, March 19, 1985: US04505282 (71 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an innerliner wrap for a tobacco smoking article comprising a combustible porous sheet of cellulosic fibers and finely pulverized porous carbon particles coated with calcium citrate, and a smoking article comprising a tobacco filler, an innerliner wrap encasing said filler, ...

Tetsuo Nakai, Shuji Yazu: Diamond for a tool and a process for the production of the same. Sumitomo Electric, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, March 19, 1985: US04505746 (71 worldwide citation)

An improved diamond compact of the present invention comprises 20 to 85% by volume of diamond grains with a grain size of at least 3 .mu.m and the balance of a binder consisting of 20 to 95% by volume of ultra-fine diamond grains with a grain size of at most 1 .mu.m, at least one member with a grain ...

Tetsusyo Yamada: Oxygen sensor. NGK Spark Plug, Fleit Jacobson Cohn & Price, March 19, 1985: US04505807 (71 worldwide citation)

The disclosed oxygen sensor includes three plate-like elements disposed in parallel and a heater, i.e., an oxygen pump element with electrodes and said heater disposed adjacent thereto, an oxygen concentration cell element with electrodes, and an insulating board disposed between the first two eleme ...


Rainer Berthold, Rainer Strietzel: Identification card. Brown Boveri & Cie, Herbert L Lerner, Laurence A Greenberg, March 19, 1985: US04506148 (65 worldwide citation)

Identification card, including a card body, an integrated semiconductor circuit being mechanically inserted and protected in the card body for storing data to be read-out and read-in in changed form, a receiving antenna device, a rectifier circuit connected to the receiving antenna device, a filter ...

Craven H Kurz: Two-piece gnathologic orthodontic positioner. Keith D Beecher, March 19, 1985: US04505672 (64 worldwide citation)

A gnathologic orthodontic positioner which is split to provide an upper section for the maxillary arch and a separate lower section for the mandibular arch, the two sections being held together by elongated resilient members, such as elastics and/or by magnetic force. The upper and lower sections ar ...

Michel B Armand, Fouzia El Kadiri Cherkaoui el Moursli: Bis perhalogenoacyl -or sulfonyl-imides of alkali metals, their solid solutions with plastic materials and their use to the constitution of conductor elements for electrochemical generators. Agence Nationale de Valorisation de la Recherche, Societe Nationale Elf Aquitaine, Weiser & Stapler, March 19, 1985: US04505997 (63 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to novel ionic compounds which can be incorporated in polymers whose monomer units include at least one hetroatom, particularly oxygen or nitrogen adapted to form bonds of the donor-acceptor type with the cation of the ionic compound, the solid solutions obtained being utilizab ...

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