Charles J Filipi: Expandable anvil surgical stapler. Wells St John & Roberts, March 19, 1985: US04505414 (726 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an expandable anvil surgical stapler which can be collapsed and inserted through a small hole in a patient's body and also through a small hole formed in the side of a hollow organ. The stapler is equipped with an anvil which can be expanded outwardly after placement inside the patient' ...

Karl Braun, Jurgen Fetzer: Surgical staple. Intermedicat, Kenyon & Kenyon, March 19, 1985: US04505273 (518 worldwide citation)

A surgical staple is disclosed comprising an arcuate central region which can be flattened by a stapling tool. Straight legs extend obliquely upwardly from the central region to which are connected downwardly extending side portions. The side portions are curved substantially in the form of an arc o ...

Howard F Walter: Programming-on-demand cable system and method. Albert L Jeffers, Anthony Niewyk, March 19, 1985: US04506387 (436 worldwide citation)

A programming-on-demand cable system is provided which allows any one of a plurality of individual users to request anyone of a plurality of video programs they wish to view from a library of programs, and permits the requested program to be available for viewing on a conventional television set at ...

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An instrument comprising a tubular staple case is disclosed, the case being traversed by a supporting rod extending outwardly therefrom with its front end. The tubular case is used to mount a plunger with a knife arranged on the rod. An abutment head mounted on the front end of the rod is made gener ...

Irving A Speelman: Suture clip. Propper Manufacturing Co, March 19, 1985: US04505274 (278 worldwide citation)

A one-piece suture clip, for holding the edges of a wound together, is constructed from a continuous metal strip formed into a pair of coacting arms adjacent a central bending region. Each arm includes a sharp projection for grasping the skin adjacent the wound and a pair of reinforced tabs. The tab ...

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Original models of plaster are obtained from impressions of the dentition of the upper and lower jaws of a patient with malocclusion. The teeth are then separated from the base of the models and reset in wax to a normal occlusion. The realigned teeth are fixed in place with wax, and impressions of t ...

Mary P Quin: Nickel/titanium/vanadium shape memory alloy. Raychem Corporation, Ira D Blecker, James W Peterson, Herbert G Burkard, March 19, 1985: US04505767 (144 worldwide citation)

Nickel/titanium alloys having a nickel:titanium atomic ratio between about 1:02 and 1:13 and a vanadium content between about 4.6 and 25.0 atomic percent show constant stress versus strain behavior due to stress-induced martensite in the range from about 0.degree. to 60.degree. C.

Paul O Burk: Aspheric intraocular lens. Optical Radiation Corporation, Christie Parker & Hale, March 19, 1985: US04504982 (140 worldwide citation)

An intraocular lens for permanent implantation into a human eye is provided. The lens has at least one aspheric surface.

Warren A Montgomery: Time stamping for a packet switching system. AT&T Bell Laboratories, J C Moran, March 19, 1985: US04506358 (133 worldwide citation)

A communication method and packet switching system in which packets comprising logical addresses and voice/data information are communicated through the system by packet switching networks which are interconnected by high-speed digital trunks with each of the latter being directly terminated on both ...

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A process for the preparation of carboxyl-containing polymers comprising mixing together maleic anhydride, a free radical initiator, an additive which inhibits the homopolymerization of maleic anhydride but not that of methyl methacrylate below about 100.degree. C. and a polymer, above its melting p ...