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A process for immediate stabilization and subsequent promotion of bone-to-bone fusion in a joint where separation of the bones is restricted by surrounding ligaments or other soft tissue. A hole is bored transversely across the joint. A slightly larger cylindrical basket is driven into the hole, the ...

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A biochemical membrane covered with sialic residues thereby provides a coating that masks the surface membrane from recognition and removal by the scavenging RES cells of the body.

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A prosthetic heart valve including a frame having a plurality of commissure supports, a plurality of resilient supports, and a plurality of valve leaflets. The valve leaflets are attached to the resilient supports, and the resilient supports lie radially outwardly of the commissure supports, respect ...

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A knee distraction device is provided for facilitating knee arthroplasty. An adjustable force calibration mechanism is disposed in the device to accommodate controlled selection of the ligament-tensioning force to be applied at respective opposite sides of the knee. In preferred embodiments, the ten ...

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A method and article for medical diagnosis and/or treatment of body disorders, comprising a sleeve unit 10 insertable in a natural body vessel to isolate material flowing into the vessel from direct contact with the interior surface of the vessel. When applied to the treatment of obesity, the sleeve ...

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A polymerization process wherein a slurry of polymer and diluent is passed from the polymerization zone to a flash zone, then polymer solids having residual diluent carried thereon are passed to a purge zone wherein a heated noncombustible gas is used to remove additional amounts of diluent, and the ...

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In-situ hydrogenation of an underground coal formation is carried out by fracturing the formation and sealing it, to provide an in-situ reactor site. Then a liquid solvent stream and a gaseous hydrogen stream are introduced into the fractured formation, allowing reaction and conversion of the coal t ...

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A process for recovering heavy hydrocarbonaceous oil in situ is disclosed. After a communication path is established between injection and production wells, a hot viscous fluid at least 20% of which is produced hydrocarbonaceous oil from the production well is circulated between the wells providing ...

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A joist-like wood beam formed of parallel, spaced apart, wood chords joined together by end and central elongated wood filler strips which fill the space between the chords at the opposite ends of and at the central portion of the chords. Sheet metal web units formed of angled struts are located bet ...

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A flow sensor comprising a pair of thin film heat sensors and a thin film heater is disclosed. A base supports the sensors and heater out of contact with the base with the sensors disposed on opposite sides of the heater and closely adjacent thereto.