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An apparatus for housing, feeding and applying multiple ligating clips, including a handle which houses a delivery and feeding mechanism, and a cartridge which holds the clips. The handle employs a scissors-type action to set a clip which has been delivered to the jaws by the feeding and ratcheting ...

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New and useful intermediate nucleotides bound to an inorganic polymer support, including the preparation thereof, and processes for the conversion to oligonucleotides which are especially useful for the synthesis of polynucleotides, particularly ribonucleic (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA).

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A system for reproducing a color original in a medium using a selected multiplicity of reproduction colorants, comprising: a scanner for producing from said color original a train of appearance signals dependent on at least three color values of said original; aesthetic correction circuitry for intr ...

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A computer driven, informational display system is disclosed which visually displays selected information in real time. The arrangement is particularly adapted for displaying pricing and other associated information in retail establishments which utilize the standard Universal Product Code for the i ...

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An endoscope apparatus is disclosed which includes an insertion section inserted into a coeliac cavity of a human body and freely bendable therein, a motor housed in an operating section of an endoscope, a bending mechanism for bending a flexible tube of the insertion section on the basis of a torqu ...

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The access hole for filling the liquid crystal cavity in an LCD having plastic front and rear members is sealed by welding the two members together. Pressure is applied during the weld to insure a good joint. The welding process avoids problems of non-adhesion or poor adhesion associated with the us ...

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A method is disclosed for the manufacture of a drill bit having a hollow tubular body, or drill bit components, with an exterior tungsten carbide coated surface, and with cutting elements positioned in the cutting surfaces thereof. The drill bit body, or a bit component, such as a cutting blade, is ...

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In a loop transmission system in which packet communications are made among a plurality of transmission/reception terminals which are connected in a loop, a higher degree of priority is given to a real time signal packet, while a lower degree of priority is given to a data packet. A communication pa ...