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A catalyst for use in the hydrotreatment of hydrocarbons comprises a carrier and at least one catalytic metal selected from vanadium, molybdenum, tungsten, nickel, cobalt and/or iron; this catalyst is in the form of a plurality of juxtaposed agglomerates of acicular platelets, oriented radially to e ...

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A running shoe having a sole structure that includes an outsole extending from the toe to the heel and having a thickened section extending the full width of the sole structure and positioned to underlie the ball of the foot. The thickened section is appreciably thicker than the portions of the outs ...

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A combination interior illumination and reading light assembly for a vehicle. The assembly comprises a lamp housing 1, a lamp 5 disposed within the housing, a reflector 3associated with the lamp 5 and a diffuser lens screen 7 for providing diffuse illumination to the vehicle interior. A movable lens ...

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Epoxy resins are prepared by reacting an excess of an epihalohydrin with a phenolic hydroxyl-containing compound in the presence of the incremental addition of a basic catalyst while removing water by codistilling with a solvent and epihalohydrin.

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The invention provides a distance measuring apparatus for determining the distance of a target object as a function of the transit time of a measurement light pulse which is emitted by a transmitter in the transmission portion of the apparatus towards the target object, reflected thereby and receive ...

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A fence structure is described consisting of modular panels mounted on posts. The modular panels are of thermoplastic or thermoset material having a rail portion and a connector at each end for fitting over the posts. The connector has an integral expansion joint in its central passage and each conn ...

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A transvenous pacing lead having a stylet including a longitudinal stylet wire, a handle affixed to the proximal end of the stylet wire, a taper of a predetermined length formed adjacent to or on the distal end of the stylet wire, and a ball affixed to the end of the stylet wire where the ball has a ...

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A vending machine includes a switching device for establishing a first price for a first item sold during a sales transaction and for establishing at least a second price for additional items sold in the same transaction. The machine determines the amount of currency deposited during a transaction a ...

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There is provided a method and device for fluid transfer. The device comprises a housing-like body with a wall having a concavity. Inside the housing there is disposed a magnetically activatable diaphragm capable of forming, in conjunction with the concavity, one or more pocket-like chambers. The ho ...

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Water-soluble polymers are rapidly dissolved in water by dispersing finely divided particles of the polymer into a liquid carrier in which the polymer is insoluble to form a suspension. The suspension is then added to water in order to release the polymer into the water as discrete particles that ra ...