Alexander G Fraser: Multiplexed first-in, first-out queues. AT&T Bell Laboratories, Robert O Nimtz, February 12, 1985: US04499576 (81 worldwide citation)

Messages, comprising a plurality of multiplexed packets of information bits, are received on a transmission line from each of a plurality of sources. All packets from the same source have the same source identification number and are stored in one of a plurality of first-in, first-out queues. After ...

Richard F Stockel, Murray Jelling: Anti-microbial compositions and associated methods for preparing the same and for the disinfecting of various objects. Posnack Roberts Cohen & Spiecens, February 12, 1985: US04499077 (79 worldwide citation)

An anti-microbial composition is provided comprising an aqueous solution of an oxyhalogen compound and a polymeric germicide. The oxyhalogen compound is preferably stabilized chlorine dioxide and the polymeric germicide is preferably a quaternary ammonium compound such as a copolymer of at least one ...

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A method for manufacturing a three-dimensional semiconductor device which is capable of preventing the stepwise disconnection of an interconnection layer and performing a high integration thereby and which comprises the steps of: forming a polycrystalline or amorphous semiconductor layer on an insul ...

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The present invention relates to a method and devices for mixing at least two individual streams having different variables. In order to produce a low-loss, effective mixing within a short flow section, at least one eddy impulse is produced in the cross section of flow of at least one individual str ...

Jan G Koal: Polymer piezoelectric sensor of animal foot pressure. Keith S Bergman, February 12, 1985: US04499394 (78 worldwide citation)

A sensor structure for attachment to the foot of an animal to continuously measure the pressure of the foot against a reactive surface. The sensor structure provides a small flat particularly configured piece of piezoelectric plastic, encapsulated to protect it and interconnected electrically with t ...

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A seating unit including a concavely curved seat element and a concavely curved thigh support flexibly connected by leaf springs, a stop bracket to define a gap therebetween, having a stop bracket and tabs on the thigh support to reduce the gap at the sides of the seating unit, and having arms which ...

Robert L Vogt: Fuel injection staged sectoral combustor for burning low-BTU fuel gas. General Electric Company, J C Squillaro, February 12, 1985: US04498288 (75 worldwide citation)

A high-temperature combustor for burning low-BTU coal gas in a gas turbine is described. The combustor comprises a plurality of individual combustor chambers. Each combustor chamber has a main burning zone and a pilot burning zone. A pipe for the low-BTU coal gas is connected to the upstream end of ...

John S Baran, Chi Dean Liang: Octahydronapthalenes. G D Searle & Co, John J McDonnell, February 12, 1985: US04499289 (74 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to octahydronapthalenes which are useful in antiatherosclerotic agents.

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A carton has a handle formed on its top. The carton comprises top and bottom walls connected by a tubular body. The top wall has inner and outer panels extending from opposite sides of said tubular body which are overlapped and secured together. Opposed ends of the inner top wall panel are also adhe ...

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In a process for mixing and proportioning a plurality of mixing components, the latter are supplied in individually weighed manner to a continuous mixing process and the mixture is subsequently continuously removed in a proportioned manner. For this purpose, a mixer, metering feed means positioned u ...