Stephen R Ash, Gordon C Wolf, Richard Bloch: Catheter guide. Purdue Research Foundation, O Rourke & Harris, February 12, 1985: US04498902 (104 worldwide citation)

A slotted catheter emplacement guide of one piece construction which simplifies emplacement of a peritoneal catheter and also permits insertion through a very small abdominal opening.

Gordon H Matthews: Method and apparatus for automatically detecting and playing desired audio segments over a broadcast receiver.. Jerry W Mills, Gregory M Howison, Nina L Medlock, February 12, 1985: US04499601 (100 worldwide citation)

The specification discloses a method and apparatus for detecting and playing desired audio segments over a broadcast receiver such as a radio or television. Apparatus is coupled with the broadcast receiver (30) to enable the listener to listen to any of a plurality of different stations and to selec ...

Gary W Antle: Modular stereo headphones. Donald W Meeker, February 12, 1985: US04499593 (97 worldwide citation)

Replaceable snap-together wires, headphones, headband and plug comprise a modular stereo headphone apparatus. Sealed headphones are provided with walled receptacles to receive mating removable clips secured to the ends of connecting wires. Each clip is molded to the wire insulation and around the wi ...

Norman F Brickman, Walter S Rosenbaum: Method for identification and compression of facsimile symbols in text processing systems. International Business Machines Corporation, John W Henderson Jr, Douglas H Lefeve, February 12, 1985: US04499499 (96 worldwide citation)

An improved system for identifying and compacting text data to be transmitted over communications lines and thereby reducing the data volume and transmission time. Transmitting and receiving text processing systems are provided identical library memories containing words commonly used in corresponde ...

Michael H James, David M Bratby, Roger Duck, Howard I Podell, Albert Goldstein, David C Blackley: Dipped rubber article. Howard L Podell, Darby & Darby, February 12, 1985: US04499154 (94 worldwide citation)

A skin-contacting coating of a lubricating hydrogel polymer bonded to a rubber article (such as a surgeon's glove) is treated by means of surfactant material (such as a bactericidal cationic surfactant which preferably has an N-hexadecyl group) or a long chain fatty amine so as to substantially impr ...

Anil R Oroskar: Serial flow continuous separation process. UOP, William H Page II, Louis A Morris, February 12, 1985: US04498991 (91 worldwide citation)

A process for separating an extract component from a raffinate component contained in a feed mixture. A unidirectional fluid flow system is maintained through a series of separating units through which the components travel at different rates. The units are interconnected in series so as to form a s ...

Alton O Christensen: Batch fabrication procedure for manufacture of arrays of field emitted electron beams with integral self-aligned optical lense in microguns. Condesin, Gunn Lee & Jackson, February 12, 1985: US04498952 (88 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor type batch fabrication procedure is disclosed in the preferred and illustrated embodiment. The process forms individual field emission devices and the necessary electron optics for each. The optics, having the form of various anodes, is aligned on a common axis above a pyramid or con ...

Robert H Goodale, James M DuJack: Composite materials of silicone elastomers and polyolefin films, and method of making. Canton Bio Medical Products, Visilox Systems, O Rourke & Harris, February 12, 1985: US04499148 (87 worldwide citation)

Composite materials formed of bonded silicone elastomers and polyolefin films, for uses including catheters, closures for piercing by medical needles, and medical containers, the bonding between the normally inert unbondable materials being accomplished by corona discharge treatment of the polyolefi ...

Abe Berger: Siloxane-containing polymers. M&T Chemicals, Marcus, S H Parker, J Matalon, February 12, 1985: US04499149 (85 worldwide citation)

The properties of polymeric compositions can be improved by the presence of a polysiloxane unit of formula ##STR1## where Q is a substituted or unsubstituted aromatic group, ##STR2## D is unsubstituted or substituted hydrocarbylene R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3, R.sup.4, R.sup.5 and R.sup.6 each, indepe ...

Kazutoshi Gemma, Michiyasu Ishibashi: Signal transfer timing control using stored data relating to operating speeds of memory and processor. Hitachi, Antonelli Terry & Wands, February 12, 1985: US04499536 (84 worldwide citation)

A memory controlling apparatus retains time information prepared based on performance of a memory and a processor, and determines timing of signal exchange between the memory and the processor based on the time information. An access time to the memory is reduced while maintaining a flexibility to a ...

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