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A highly selective--greater than 100 to 1--etch for silicon, tantalum, tantalum silicide and tantalum nitride is achieved by using polyatomic halogen fluorides. The selectivity is achievable without employing plasmas or wet etching.

John J Vrolyk: Emission controller for indirect fired downhole steam generators. Rockwell International Corporation, H Fredrick Hamann, Harry B Field, February 12, 1985: US04498531 (150 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an indirect downhole steam generator system comprising a downhole combustor, a well casing which provides a flue for the exhaust gases of the downhole combustor, and one or more aerosol nozzles situated within the exhaust flue of the well casing for injecting an aeroso ...

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An improved direct fired power system generating and employing a combustion gas which includes carbon dioxide or a working fluid including a combustion chamber (20) for burning a mixture which includes oxygen, carbonaceous fuel and recycled carbon dioxide working fluid at a first pressure of above 1 ...

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A dose metering device for use with a syringe comprises a fixed screwthreaded member (17) which is either integral with or fixed in use to the cylinder (10) of the syringe and is in threaded engagement with a screwthreaded plunger (13) which can be rotated by a manually-rotatable cap (30) acting thr ...

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This invention provides an adhesive composition which comprises 1 part by weight of (a) a compound of the general formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 represents H, a hydrocarbon group of 1-6 carbon atoms optionally containing halogen, COOR' wherein R' represents a hydrocarbon group of 1-20 carbon atom ...

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The present invention refers to a coupling intended for mechanical transmission of sound information from a vibration generating apparatus as a transmitter to the skull of a person with damaged hearing, including a first coupling part, for example directly anchored to the skull, and a second couplin ...

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Peptides comprising C-terminal .alpha.-aminoboronic acid residues are potent, reversible inhibitors of proteolytic enzymes.

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Sterile, non-metallic, bio-compatible hemostatic clips of absorbable and non-absorbable materials comprising two leg members joined with a resilient hinge. The distal ends of said leg members include latch means to lock the clip in a closed position. Each leg member has a vessel clamping inner face ...

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A process for preparing a tetrafluoroethylene/fluoro(alkyl vinyl ether) copolymer comprising polymerizing tetrafluoroethylene and fluoro(alkyl vinyl ether) in an aqueous suspension system which comprises a mixed medium of water and a fluorohydrocarbon or a chlorofluorohydrocarbon in a volume ratio o ...

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A slotted catheter emplacement guide of one piece construction which simplifies emplacement of a peritoneal catheter and also permits insertion through a very small abdominal opening.