Kees Schouhamer Immink
Kornelis A Schouhamer Immink, Ronaldus M Aarts: Dropout circuit arrangement for converting an information signal into a rectangular signal. U S Philips Corporation, Robert T Mayer, Algy Tamoshunas, February 12, 1985: US04499570 (13 worldwide citation)

For the conversion of a signal read from a record carrier into a rectangular signal, a threshold-value circuit is used, whose threshold value is determined by a reference signal. The reference signal is derived from a d.c. component in the converted signal. During a dropout in the signal being read, ...

Scott H Holmberg, Richard A Flasck: Programmable cell for use in programmable electronic arrays. Energy Conversion Devices, Lawrence G Norris, February 12, 1985: US04499557 (381 worldwide citation)

An improved programmable cell for use in programmable electronic arrays such as PROM devices, logic arrays, gate arrays and die interconnect arrays. The cells have a highly non-conductive state settable and non-resettable into a highly conductive state. The cells have a resistance of 10,000 ohms or ...

Philip H Schneider, William J Weber, Thomas A Massaro: Insulin infusion pump. Christie Parker & Hale, February 12, 1985: US04498843 (255 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a microprocessor-controlled peristaltic pump for use in a portable continuous insulin infusion device. The peristaltic pump is configured with a removable cover comprising a part of the pump housing surrounding a pump rotor, and holding a delivery tube between the cover and the ro ...

Jack E Bridges: Apparatus and method for in situ controlled heat processing of hydrocarbonaceous formations with a controlled parameter line. IIT Research Institute, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, February 12, 1985: US04498535 (240 worldwide citation)

A system and method provide for preferential in situ heating of earth formations. A plurality of elongated conductive electrodes are emplaced in earth formations in respective spaced rows bounding a particular volume of the earth formations and forming a transmission line, preferably a triplate line ...

Yasutoshi Suzuki, Kunihiko Hara, Ryo Sato: Mirror. Nippondenso, Cushman Darby & Cushman, February 12, 1985: US04499451 (235 worldwide citation)

A mirror arrangement including a transparent glass member, a translucent film behind the glass member, a light generating element having a configuration for conveying information when activated, the mirror arrangement functioning as an ordinary mirror when no voltage is applied to the light generati ...

Arend Hoek, Martin F M Post, Johannes K Minderhoud, Peter W Lednor: Process for the preparation of a Fischer-Tropsch catalyst and preparation of hydrocarbons from syngas. Shell Oil Company, February 12, 1985: US04499209 (232 worldwide citation)

A Fischer-Tropsch catalyst is prepared by impregnating a silica carrier with a solution of a zirconium or titanium compound, calcining the composition thus obtained, thereafter impregnating the carrier with a cobalt compound-containing solution and calcining and reducing the composition thus obtaine ...

Mack J Fulwyler: Apparatus for distinguishing multiple subpopulations of cells. Becton Dickinson and Company, Richard J Rodrick, February 12, 1985: US04499052 (176 worldwide citation)

A method of distinguishing multiple subpopulations of cells from a single sample of cells of a variety of types comprises labeling particles with two or more marking agents. These particles are marked in a plurality of different pre-selected ratios of the agents ranging between zero percent and one ...

Judith Gockel: Lost circulation drilling fluid. Neal J Mosely, February 12, 1985: US04498995 (155 worldwide citation)

A drilling mud, or other drilling fluid containing particulate expanded aggregates is effective to seal the fractures and openings and prevent lost circulation of the mud or fluid in a well. The expanded aggregates used are inorganic clays, shales and slates which are heat treated at temperatures up ...

Steven W Kaiser: Production of light olefins. Union Carbide Corporation, Gary L Wamer, February 12, 1985: US04499327 (152 worldwide citation)

The process for the production of light olefins from a feedstock comprising methanol, ethanol, dimethyl ether, diethyl ether or mixtures thereof comprising contacting said feedstock with a silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieve at effective process conditions to produce light olefins.

Joel M Cook, Vincent M Donnelly, Daniel L Flamm, Dale E Ibbotson, John A Mucha: Etching techniques. AT&T Bell Laboratories, Bruce S Schneider, February 12, 1985: US04498953 (150 worldwide citation)

A highly selective--greater than 100 to 1--etch for silicon, tantalum, tantalum silicide and tantalum nitride is achieved by using polyatomic halogen fluorides. The selectivity is achievable without employing plasmas or wet etching.

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