Gautam Mitra: Covalently attached complex of alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor with a water soluble polymer. Miles Laboratories, Lester E Johnson, January 29, 1985: US04496689 (450 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a process for producing a covalently attached alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor - water soluble polymer complex useful for pulmonary emphysema therapy, a covalently attached alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor - water soluble polymer complex produced by the process, a composition thereof in a ...

Ronald L Swanson, Lyle R Strathman: Reduced memory graphics-to-raster scan converter. Rockwell International Corporation, George A Montanye, H Fredrick Hamann, January 29, 1985: US04496976 (223 worldwide citation)

A system and technique is disclosed which enables a reduction in memory for the display of superimposed data (alpha-numerics, symbols and graphics) in an all-raster scanned display. A video signal containing information to be displayed on a video monitor by raster scanning techniques is multiplexed ...

Martin Cherry: Media guide. Hill Van Santen Steadman & Simpson, January 29, 1985: US04496171 (181 worldwide citation)

A self-indexing television program guide and advertising medium with printing on both surfaces of a sheet with the sheet provided with precreased foldlines in predetermined locations with a laterally extending first foldline located a small distance about the page center to leave a laterally extendi ...

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A low level, microprocessor based direct digital system controller includes power supply means for providing a source of regulated electrical power to the controller. A field programmable processor means transfers selected data base information to and receives status signals from a field interface m ...

Jerome Swartz, Edward Barkan, Shelley A Harrison: Portable laser scanning system and scanning methods. Symbol Technologies, Kirschstein Kirschstein Ottinger & Israel, January 29, 1985: US04496831 (164 worldwide citation)

An entirely field-portable laser scanning system for reading bar code symbols includes a light-weight and small-sized laser scanning head. The laser source, power supply component, optics, scanning elements, sensor circuit, and signal processing circuitry are specially designed for minimal size and ...

Georg J Ortner: Container with information-carrying element. January 29, 1985: US04496051 (152 worldwide citation)

The container (2) for small material samples is inseparable from an information-carrying element fixed preferably in order to be in evidence when using the container.

Kenneth B Liegner: Bite block. Kane Dalsimer Kane Sullivan and Kurucz, January 29, 1985: US04495945 (139 worldwide citation)

Disclosure is made herein of a bite block which is usefully employed in conjunction with endoscopy, bronchoscopy, endotracheal intubation and like medical-surgical procedures.

Joseph N Genese, Charles H Seberg: Venipuncture device. Abbott Laboratories, Robert S Beiser, Alan R Thiele, January 29, 1985: US04496348 (123 worldwide citation)

An improved venipuncture device comprises a catheter having a catheter hub at one end with a needle having a needle hub at one end and a sharpened tip at the second end extending through the catheter and catheter hub. The needle is adapted for insertion and removal from the catheter. The improvement ...

Kunio Konno, Masashi Okada: Light illumination device. Nippon Kogaku, Gerald J Ferguson Jr, Joseph J Baker, January 29, 1985: US04497015 (121 worldwide citation)

A device for providing an illumination of an object includes first and second optical integrators disposed on an optical axis in spaced-apart relationship. Light rays emitted from a point light source formed by an elliptical reflector mirror having a light-emitting source are incident on the first o ...

Daniel Blanquaert: Titanium or titanium alloy pin for cement-free fixing in a long bone to form a prosthesis. Ceraver, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak and Seas, January 29, 1985: US04495664 (113 worldwide citation)

A titanium or titanium alloy pin for cement-free fixing in a long bone for a joint prosthesis or for bone repair is surrounded by a lattice of titanium wire with a mesh size of at least 0.3 mm. The central part of the pin and the lattice are coated with a coating of titanium oxide which protects the ...