Robert E Fischell: Plural module medication delivery system. The Johns Hopkins University, Robert E Archibald, Howard W Califano, January 22, 1985: US04494950 (1153 worldwide citation)

A system consisting of a multiplicity of separate modules which collectively perform a useful biomedical purpose; the modules communicating with each other without the use of interconnecting wires. All modules may be intracorporeal or body mounted extracorporeal or some modules may be intracorporeal ...

Cesare Gianturco: Expandable blood clot filter. Cook Incorporated, Woodard Weikart Emhardt & Naughton, January 22, 1985: US04494531 (492 worldwide citation)

A blood clot filter which is particularly suited for filtering emboli from blood circulating through the inferior vena cava. The filter is comprised of a number of strands of shape memory wire which are interconnected and wadded together to form a curly wire mesh. The wire strands may be substantial ...

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A remote control system for a television receiver includes a remote control transmitter with keys for initiating a scan type channel selection operation and a memory for storing a list of preferred channels and non-preferred channels. During a scanning operation the non-preferred channels are passed ...

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The present invention relates to transmitters and receivers in a digital time division multiple access (TDMA) communication system wherein the resource sharing concept is generalized by fully exploiting the available clear air carrier-to-noise ratio (CNR) of a transmission link to achieve very high ...

Hans Ole Larsen: Preparation of hydrogel for soft contact lens with water displaceable boric acid ester. Mia Lens Production, Lawrence Rosen, January 22, 1985: US04495313 (181 worldwide citation)

Soft contact lenses are made by polymerizing a substantially anhydrous polymerization mixture containing a polymerizable acrylic or methacrylic monomer, and a water displaceable ester of boric acid and a compound containing 3 or more hydroxyl groups so as to form a hydrophilic polymer containing at ...

Scott A Miller III: Personnel monitoring and locating system. Johnson Engineering, O Rourke & Harris, January 22, 1985: US04495496 (173 worldwide citation)

A personnel monitoring and locating system is disclosed that is particularly well suited for monitoring and/or locating underground miners. A plurality of remote terminals having transceivers associated therewith are positioned in a mine and periodically are caused to transmit interrogation signals. ...

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An improved scannable latch circuit allows its output to be monitored during effectively 100% of the system clock cycle. The circuit further provides dual isolated outputs, one of which is used as a latch output and the other of which is used as a shift-register output. A computer system, in which t ...

G Kent Archibald: Electrosurgery safety monitor. Medical Plastics, Kinney & Lange, January 22, 1985: US04494541 (151 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgery safety monitor senses a parameter indicative of the area of contact between the return electrode of an electrosurgery system and the body of the patient. An alarm is provided if the area of contact between the return electrode and the body is less than a predetermined amount.

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A device for diagnosing the interior of a body cavity is described which includes an optical endoscope, and a supersonic wave scanner probe which may be physically and operatively attached thereto. The supersonic wave scanner may be used with the optical endoscope, or may be detached and replaced by ...

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A computerized information-processing system including a copying machine operatively associated with a computer having a data storage apparatus having a plurality of memory locations wherein the copying apparatus is capable of reading a coded pattern on an original placed on the copying machine and ...