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A wagering system having a central processor and a plurality of playing consoles remote therefrom with said console capable of providing data inputs to the central processor, with such data inputs including identification of the playing console, the player, amount played, and games selected which ma ...

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The device of the present invention comprises an elongated tube which is adapted to be inserted into the body so that its internal end is positioned adjacent the tissue which is to be sutured. A plunger is sized to slide within the tube and includes at one end a grasping mechanism for releaseably gr ...

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A surgical compression plate is provided which is designed to permit the insertion of bone screws at angles up to 45.degree.. A drill guide capable of tilting to various angles, for use in connection with the novel plate is also disclosed.

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A bipolar electrocautery surgical snare is described capable of performing the endoscopic removal of growths within a body cavity with improved precision and accuracy. The bipolar surgical snare comprises an electrically insulating elongated double lumen tubular member, a pair of flexible electrical ...

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A dedicated distress radiolocation system combines direction-finding techniques with calculations based on signal strength to precisely locate a distress transmission and effect rescue of the person or property in distress. The system is capable of locating a distress transmission solely on the basi ...

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A portable infusion device includes a disposable syringe which is located in a removable section of a compact package that comprises the device. In order to conserve space, a flexible piston rod assembly is provided wherein the syringe plunger head is connected to a thin flexible plunger stem which ...

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A catheter of the evagination type is provided with an inverted-evertable non-elastic tube having a diameter throughout equal to or greater than the catheter body, an axially aligned end opening at the distal end, and a multifold configuration of the distal end to maintain end-sealing during inversi ...

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A communication method and packet switching system in which packets comprising logical addresses and voice/data information are communicated through the system by packet switching networks which are interconnected by high-speed digital trunks with each of the latter being directly terminated on both ...

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A disk copier machine uses a host computer, disk controller, disk drive, and mechanical disk feeder in order to automatically copy information onto each of a number of disks. The selectable format computer disk controller is used in order to connect the host computer to the computer disk drive. The ...

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The novel proppant consists of composite particles, the core of which is a conventional proppant particle such as silica sand. The core has a thin, void-containing coating which provides an overall density approaching that of the fracturing fluid. The coating preferably comprises hollow glass micros ...