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An instrument for treating sinusitis enabling the introduction of one end of a plastic tube into a maxillary sinus and anchoring it there for successive irrigations distributed over a period of time. Said end of the plastic tube (4) is provided with an arcuate bend for securing after introduction. I ...

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A medical administration device comprises a body (1) with a chamber (2) which is arranged to receive a blister pack (4) with a container (5) for medicament. The chamber is normally closed by a cover (7) which may be opened to permit a container to be inserted and located in the chamber. A mouthpiece ...



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There is provided an enzymatic detergent additive the active component of which is a microbially produced lipase, characterised in that the lipase is producible by means of a lipase producing strain of Fusarium oxysporum, as well as a detergent comprising such an enzymatic additive and a washing pro ...

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Die neuen Verbindungen der allgemeinen Formel worin A die Gruppe oder -(CH2)5- bedeutet, hemmen die Pankreaslipase und können bei der Bekämpfung oder Verhütung von Obesitas und Hyperlipämien verwendet werden.

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The invention provides a character inputting method and apparatus for making it possible to input not more than 30 characters in small letters of English characters, French characters, German characters, Spanish characters, Italian characters and the like by using 13 keyswitches (5L-14R, 15L, R, 16) ...