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An improved, self-centering surgical staple is disclosed. Engaging members are located on the base portion of the staple. During forming (bending) of the staple on the anvil, the engaging members engage the forming mechanisms (i.e., the shoulders of the anvil or the twin heads of the pusher) to cent ...

Stanley B Levy: Balloon and manufacture thereof. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, December 25, 1984: US04490421 (284 worldwide citation)

Polymeric balloon having a burst pressure of at least 200 psi (1.4 MPa) and a radial expansion beyond nominal inflated diameter of less than 5% at 200 psi (1.4 MPa).

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A thermal ink jet printer is disclosed in which ink droplets are ejected from an orifice by the explosive formation of a vapor bubble within the ink supply due to the application of a two part electrical pulse to a resistor within the ink supply. The electrical pulse comprises a precurser pulse and ...

Thomas K Perkins: Viscous oil production using electrical current heating and lateral drain holes. Atlantic Richfield Company, M David Folzenlogen, December 25, 1984: US04489782 (257 worldwide citation)

Improved electrical power utilization and increased oil production per producing well are achieved by specially completing a production well, applying electrical current through the production well to a subsurface formation, and producing oil from said formation. The production well extends essentia ...

Charles C Reed: Heart valve prosthesis. Workman Nydegger & Jensen, December 25, 1984: US04489446 (190 worldwide citation)

A heart valve prosthesis incorporating a dynamic stiffener element is disclosed. The prosthesis is adapted for securement to the annulus of an atrioventricular valve and has the characteristic of allowing normal movement of the annulus during the cardiac cycle while providing mechanical support to t ...

John R Huizenga, Lloyd E Reddix: Implant needle and method. Eli Lilly and Company, Barnes & Thornburg, December 25, 1984: US04490139 (168 worldwide citation)

An improved subcutaneous implant needle is formed as a hollow tube having its forward end cut on a plane at an acute angle to the central axis of the tube to form an elliptical opening, and an elliptical outer edge having a sharp forward portion. The forward extremity of the needle is dressed to for ...

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The specification discloses a method for making a curved, conductively coated glass member, and the resulting product, by providing for a sufficient degree of substoichiometry at the moment of bend that the glass can be bent using conventional bending techniques without crazing the coating. Two alte ...

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A new type of apparatus for dispensing "frozen" solid ink and the ink for use therein for printing on paper is disclosed. The ink dye vehicle is chosen to have a melting point above room temperature, so that the ink which is melted in the apparatus will not be subject to evaporation or spillage duri ...

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A pattern discriminating apparatus with an interval integrating section for integrating detection signals from a detecting section for each of a number of intervals of a bill. A bill is supplied to the detecting section which detects, for example, a magnetism pattern of the bill. The detection signa ...

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High temperature fuel cell configurations and interconnections are made including annular cells having a solid electrolyte sandwiched between thin film electrodes. The cells are electrically interconnected along an elongated axial outer surface.