Gale Ira Dennis, Shain Michael: Data security device.. Gale Ira Dennis, December 19, 1984: EP0128672-A1 (151 worldwide citation)

A security device for use in a computer based system includes volatile data storage means storing an encryption key and data processing means in a closed container. The power supply necessary to operate the storage means is conveyed by a conductor winding over the entire inside surface of the contai ...



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1. Ring laser gyro comprising a resonator block (10) for providing a polygon-shaped, in particular triangular-shaped, gas-filled laser path by means of borings (12, 14, 16) within said resonator block and comprising a cathode (32) as well as anodes (34, 34') equally spaced from said cathode for gene ...




Browse Keith Dennis William, Robinson Richard Thomas: Drive shaft connector. Xerox, December 19, 1984: GB2141520-A (73 worldwide citation)

A separable drive shaft connector is described which comprises a cone shaped male member 26 and a cooperating female member 18 having a recessed end to receive the male member. Radial drive flanges 22 on the male member engage in axial slots 24 in the end of the female member. One of the members, th ...


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A method of detecting in a sample an analyte (A) having a molecularly recognizable portion thereon, which comprises: providing (B) a molecular bridging entity having thereon: (i) a portion capable of recognizing the molecularly recognizable portion on the analyte; and (ii) a portion comprising a pol ...