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An apparatus for applying surgical fasteners to tissue is disclosed. The apparatus includes an actuator, an applicator section for applying the fasteners and a transversely flexible shaft connecting the applicator and the actuator. The actuator and applicator preferably each contain a hydraulic flui ...

Alain Tornier: Device for osteosynthesis of fractures of the extremities of the femur. Tornier France, Jean Butel, Browdy & Neimark, December 18, 1984: US04488543 (216 worldwide citation)

A device for osteosynthesis of the fractures of the extremities of the femur comprises a plate in which holes are provided for the passage of screws intended to be inserted into the bone to make the fractured bone and the plate solid.

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A code reading system is disclosed utilizing a novel, multicolored, densely packed code read by a scanner which is placed over the code and held in place while the scanner performs its reading function. The scanner includes lighting means which are sequentially flashed on the code, as well as optica ...

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A system and method for forming flat temporary seams between two sections of synthetic turf are disclosed. The synthetic turf includes a synthetic turf material having a polymeric backing thereon. A strip of the polymeric backing is removed along a first edge of a first section of synthetic turf and ...

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This invention relates to methods and apparatus for medical decision making. In particular, this invention coordinates the actions of two or more medical teams who are working toward a common goal. The apparatus used to achieve this objective consists of a control unit especially adapted for instruc ...

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An electronic still camera is disclosed having an optical system, a transducer in the form of CCD image sensors for producing image representing signals responsive to an image focused on the sensors by the optical system, an actuable shutter control and circuits in the camera for transmitting image ...

Paul Belokin: Magnetically mounted shelf divider. James E Nilles, December 18, 1984: US04488653 (131 worldwide citation)

The partitioning shelf divider of this invention, for perforated and imperforate metal shelving, comprises an inverted T-shaped divider member and a retainer member extruded from elastomeric material impregnated with a magnetized medium. The retainer member has an upwardly opening groove in its top, ...

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The system receives line signals including tone coded information request messages from a telephone line and transmits synthesized human voice response messages along the same line. The system comprises a programmed computer, a processing section connected to the telephone line to receive signals fr ...

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A filter plug having a dual structure comprising filter element A made from a crimped long filter tow in a form of a plug, filter element B, joined to said A, prepared by wrapping a core material consisting of a long fiber tow in a sheet-formed product having grooves which is formed from a material ...

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A seal member for fitting over and sealing the opening of a cavity in a bone to allow pressurization of cement in the cavity has an aperture for sealingly receiving a cement delivery nozzle. The seal member may be a balloon seal, which may be inflatable and expandable, or a solid body of conformable ...