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This specification discloses sensor electrodes, and their combination with reference electrodes; the manufacture of such electrodes; apparatus utilising such electrodes; and electrical circuitry into which such electrodes can be incorporated, specifically the establishment of certain design criteria ...


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A sensor for trans-illumination of a blood perfused portion of flesh to measure light extinction during transillumination is disclosed. The sensor is preferably mounted on a fingertip but any digit or blood perfused portion of flesh will work. The sensor includes a first end for disposition on one s ...

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A method for producing a recombinant baculovirus expression vector, capable of expressing a selected gene in a host insect cell, is disclosed. The method involves cleaving baculovirus DNA to produce a DNA fragment comprising a polyhedrin gene or portion thereof, including a polyhedrin promoter. A re ...

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Dispositif pour l'étaiement du rachis étant caractérisé en ce que la tige (20) est de section constante sur toute sa longueur et présente des aspérités de surface (21) et en ce que les organes d'ancrage (24) sont pourvus de moyens de pression (25) coopérant avec ladite tige (20). Le dispositif selon ...

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Polyolefin reactor blends obtained by polymerization of ethylene and higher alpha-olefins in the presence of a catalyst system comprising two or more metallocenes and alumoxane.

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Novel aminomethyl oxooxazolidinyl benzene derivatives, including the sulfides, sulfoxides, sulfones and sulfonamides, such as (I)-N-[3-[4- (methylsulfonyl) phenyl] -2-oxooxazolidin -5- ylmethyl] carbamic acid, methyl ester possess useful antibacterial activity.

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L'invention concerne un respirateur muni de circuits d'alimentation (10) et d'utilisation (30), d'un accumulateur de gaz respirable (40) d'un distributeur (20) et d'un dispositif de commande à action cyclique (50). Le respirateur selon l'invention comporte un circuit auxiliaire d'adduction (60) de g ...

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Living tissue or cells, for example, islets of Langerhans, are microencapsulated for implantation in the body for long term treatment of diabetes or other disease requiring organ transplantation. The microcapsules take the form of a biocompatible semi-permeable hydrogel membrane based on polylysine ...

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A method of producing a via in the fabrication of a semiconductor wafer is disclosed. Vias are used in semiconductor wafer fabrication as a means of providing electrical connexions between different layers of the wafer. The walls of known vias are difficult to coat reliably with metal because, parti ...