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At least two television reception tuners are used in a viewing center system, one for the television signals and the other for supplementary information transmitted during the blanking intervals and separated in the reception center by a data separation stage. A programmable control stage including ...

Donald L Harris: Implantable microinfusion pump system. Cordis Corporation, Henry W Collins, Eugene M Cummings, December 11, 1984: US04487603 (334 worldwide citation)

An implantable microinfusion pump system for dispensing medication at a prescribed infusion rate within the human body includes a hermetically sealed housing in which a power source and circuitry for actuating the pump are contained. A permanently magnetized piston is mounted for reciprocative fill ...

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A tool rest has a plurality of tool storage locations for tools used at a work station. The tool rest is stationary relative to the work station. An automated robotic arm transports a tool between the tool rest and the work station. The arm movement is programmed to select a particular tool. The too ...

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An improved triplanar knee resection system is provided for preparing a knee joint for a prosthesis. The apparatus of the triplanar knee system includes a single guide member for use in resecting the distal femoral condyles, the proximal tibia, and the distal femur. The guide member cooperates with ...

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Apparatus and a method of producing fluid organic products from kerogen in situ in a body of oil shale by the application of alternating electric fields having a frequency between 100 kilohertz and 100 megahertz to heat the kerogen in the oil shale to a temperature in the range of 200.degree. C. to ...

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A bill-discriminating apparatus which is used, for example, in an automatic deposit machine and which discriminates a bill by comparing patterns read from the bill with standard patterns. The apparatus includes a circuit for reading patterns from a conveyed bill, one or more sensors for determining ...

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An intravascular catheter tip fiber optic pressure sensor wherein a lens element at the end of the fiber optic collimates the light emanating from the fiber and directs the light in a column towards a closely spaced reflecting diaphragm. The diaphragm is pressure responsive and modulates the focal l ...

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An improved spring moderator for articles of footwear which absorbs, redistributes, and stores energy of localized loads and forces, through elastic deformation, and then returns the energy to the user in useful forms as the load is then removed, while providing comfort and support.

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This specification discloses a method and means for color detection and modification wherein the recognition of color is based on the definition of a three-dimensional color sub-space within a three-dimensional color universe. Chromaticity values are digitized and modeled as a function of brightness ...

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Hemostatic clips made from non-resilient polymeric materials. The clips comprise a pair of leg members rotatable about a hinge portion to be closed over a vessel.