John F Krumme: Shape-memory surgical staple apparatus and method for use in surgical suturing. Alchemia, Howard L Rose, December 4, 1984: US04485816 (806 worldwide citation)

The staples are made of a material having the intrinsic property of shape memory, such that heating the material above a certain temperature known as the transition temperature causes any deformation introduced at temperatures below the transition temperature to be reversed, and the staple recovers ...

Peter A Franaszek, Albert X Widmer: Byte oriented DC balanced (0,4) 8B/10B partitioned block transmission code. International Business Machines Corporation, Roy R Schlemmer, December 4, 1984: US04486739 (406 worldwide citation)

A binary DC balanced code and an encoder circuit for effecting same is described, which translates an 8 bit byte of information into 10 binary digits for transmission over electromagnetic or optical transmission lines subject to timing and low frequency constraints. The significance of this code is ...

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A surgical stapler comprising a stapling section, an actuator section remote from the stapling section, and a longitudinally flexible shaft connecting the stapling and actuating assemblies is disclosed. The stapling section generates a force to staple tissue responsive to a much smaller force transm ...

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A method of electromagnetic heating in situ recovers liquid hydrocarbons from an oil shale formation containing kerogen in an inorganic matrix where the formation is substantially impermeable to fluids under native conditions. A block of the oil shale formation is substantially uniformly heated in s ...

Lawrence H Foster Jr: Weight loss device and method. Gunther Pacific of Hong Kong, John W Huckert, December 4, 1984: US04485805 (303 worldwide citation)

The intra-gastric weight loss system apparatus and method of the present invention includes an intra-gastric elastomeric rubber balloon with self-sealing fill valve, to be placed and retrieved without surgery. As a benign space-occupying device, it will decrease gastric capacity to the point that sa ...

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Pressure and motion transducer, and cooperating circuitry for an implantable medical device is disclosed. The system includes a clock for the pulse excitation of a dynamic motion transducer and further includes circuitry for recovering the modulated signal from the transducer.

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"Two-site" or "sandwich" immunometric assay techniques for determination of the presence and/or concentration of antigenic substances in fluids using monoclonal antibodies are described and compared to conventional assays using polyclonal antibodies. Also described are inhibition assays using comple ...

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Receiving and displaying apparatus is disclosed for receiving a continuously transmitted stream of encoded data messages, whereby selected of the data messages are stored in an updateable, addressable memory having a plurality of locations, one for each of the selected data messages. Each of the dat ...

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This invention relates to a diagnostic kit based on a one step hybridization procedure and method of using the kit for identifying the nucleic acids of viruses and bacteria contained in a single sample. The procedure requires two nucleic acid reagents for each microbe or group of microbes to be iden ...

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Clear, strong, crosslinked polymers are described, which are obtained by copolymerization of (A) 8-70% of a linear or branched polysiloxane of 400-100,000 molecular weight (MW) containing at least two terminal or pendant, polymerizable, vinyl groups per each 5000 MW unit of polysiloxane and which ar ...