Gerrard Donald Leslie, Preedy John Edward, Williams James Philip Kenneth: Diamond separation. British Petroleum Co, November 28, 1984: GB2140555-A (20 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for separating diamonds from gangue in which discrete units of gangue are passed through a beam of laser radiation 5 capable of causing Raman spectral activation. The scattered radiation is detected 6, 7 and caused to actuate an ejector 8 which separates units of diamond-conta ...

Romeas Rene, Bricot Claude, Gerard Jean Louis: Method and apparatus for calibrating the optical power applied to an optical disc for data recording.. Thomson-CSF, November 28, 1984: EP0126682-A1 (20 worldwide citation)

Le dispositif selon l'invention réalise les étapes suivantes: a) inscriptions de mots binaires de test sur le disque optique (1) associés à des puissances optiques de gravure distinctes et comprenant des suites monotones de bits 1 et 0 logiques d'égales durées, b) lecture de ces mots, c) mesure des ...

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A naphthalene derivative having the general formula: wherein R is H or CH3, R is -CH2CH2O-, -CH(CH3)CH2O-, or -CH2CH(OH)CH2O-, X is H, Cl, Br, CH3, CH3O, C6H5, or C6H5O, and m is an integer of 1 to 3. This naphthalene derivative is used as a component of a polymerizable composition suitable for use ...

Ward Robert Stanton: Polymer surfaces for blood-contacting surfaces of a biomedical device and methods for forming. Thoratec Lab, November 28, 1984: GB2140437-A (20 worldwide citation)

A polymer mixture having a gamma c between 10 and 35 dyne/cm is formed from at least 95 volume % of a base polymer and not greater than 5 volume % of a polymer additive including at least first and second different homopolymer chains in graft or block copolymer form. The first chains are characteriz ...

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A reaction method for transesterifying fats and oils by lipase comprizes a continuous two step reaction, wherein first step reaction is dominated by hydrolytic reaction of fats and oils and second step reaction is dominated by esterification reaction.

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Disclosed are electrolytic cell and method in which first and second electrodes (18), (21) are adapted to pass a current through an inter-electrode zone of specified dimension for containing electrolyte, wherein the first electrode is held free from support by internal cell surfaces, and one electro ...

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Eine optische Lichtfleck-Abtastvorrichtung bei Photosetzgeräten für ein photoempfindliches Bahnmaterial weist einen modulierten Laser (18), eine Abbildungsoptik und eine vom Laserstrahl beaufschlagte Drehspiegelanordnung (15) auf. Hierdurch wird der Laserstrahl (13) periodisch über die in ihrer Läng ...



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Disclosed herein are tripeptidyl esters of the formula: D-P wherein D is the residue of a hydroxyl-containing therapeutic agent, and P is an N-terminal tripeptidyl moiety having the amino acid residue sequence: -AA1-AA2-AA3 wherein AA1 is a secondary amino acid residue, AA2 is a primary amino acid r ...