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1. Catalyst system based on a Lewis acid for the ring chlorination of aromatic hydrocarbons, characterized in that it contains an N-substituted phenothiazine derivative of formula : see diagramm : EP0126669,P6,F4 in which R denotes either see diagramm : EP0126669,P6,F1 with R1 denoting : =O, =S, see ...



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Vesicle compositions provide controlled sustained release of an encapsulated therapeutic agent after parenteral administration, depending upon the difference in osmolarity between the suspending solution and the solution within the vesicles. By adjusting the concentration of the suspending solution, ...

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Process for monitoring and controlling intermittently working molding and casting devices having reciprocating means for intermittently transferring raw material at defined operation parameters, velocity, temperature, and pressure wherein the process comprises the steps of measuring one parameter of ...


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Es wird im wesentlichen ein Verfahren zur Herstellung der in Anspruch 1 definierten 1-Triazolylethylether-Derivate der allgemeinen Formel I beschrieben, das darin besteht, dass man a) ein Oxiran der Formel II bei Temperaturen von -20 bis +100 DEG C in Gegenwart eines sauren Katalysators bzw. eines s ...


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Steel reinforcement (2) embedded in concrete is protected against corrosion by a cathodic protection system in which the anode serving as a ground bed is a thin film (3). As the anode is a very thin film it can be applied to the under-surface of a horizontal or near horizontal run, and also to uprig ...