Meyer Charles S: Input protection circuit and bias method for scaled cmos devices.. Motorola, November 28, 1984: EP0126184-A2 (40 worldwide citation)

An integrated circuit and method including a protection circuit (70) for an input to a CMOS device formed on a substrate (12) of a given impurity type has a resistive region (20) of an opposite impurity type to the substrate (12) formed therein, the region (20) having input (46) and output (48) conn ...

Grohe Klaus Dr, Petersen Uwe Dr, Zeiler Hans Joachim Dr, Metzger Karl Georg Dr: 7-amino-1-cyclopropyl-6,8-difluoro-1,4-dihydro-4-oxo-3-quinoline-carboxylic acid, processes for their preparation and antibacterial agents containing them.. Bayer, November 28, 1984: EP0126355-A1 (38 worldwide citation)

7-Amino-1-cyclopropyl-6,8-difluor-1,4-dihydro-4-oxo-3-chinolincarbonsäuren der Formel in der R und R die in der Beschreibung angegebene Bedeutung haben, zeichnen sich durch starke antibakterielle Wirkung aus und sollen als Wirkstoffe von Arzneimitteln verwendet werden.

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A gene having a DNA sequence complemtentary to that of the glucoamylase polypeptide mRNA from a fungal Species, preferably Aspergillus awamori, is prepared. The mRNA is an approximately 2.2 kilobase poly a RNA obtain from fungal cells grown under conditions of glucoamylase induction. Reverse transcr ...


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This invention describes an application of selected polymers as novel drug delivery systems which use the body temperature and pH to induce a liquid to gel transition of the polymer which contains a drug or therapeutic agent. The goal of such a delivery system is to achieve a greater degree of bioav ...

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Apparatus for continuously punching, shearing and forming sheet metal (10) comprising a frame, and punching (16), shearing (18) and forming (20) stations thereon. Rollers (38, 52-61) are provided for continuously feeding sheet metal through said stations. The forming station (20) comprises adjustabl ...

Jilken Leif: Device at a wind propeller.. Stangakonsult Kalmar, November 28, 1984: EP0126114-A1 (36 worldwide citation)

Wind propeller the blades (1) of which are permanently connected to a rotatably mounted hub (2). The invention is characterized in that the blades (1) of the propeller have a radially displaceable disc which, under the influence of a springing means (4) working between the disc (3) and the blade (1) ...

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A method for the simultaneous detection of several antigens or antibodies in a fluid makes use of a mixture of particles which contains populations of particles which can be distinguished from one another in the following way: Each population has a combination, specific for it, of the following feat ...

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A temperature measuring arrangement comprises means 2 for generating and launching light pulses into one end (i.e. launch end) of an optical fibre 1 which serves as a temperature sensing element and optical directional coupling means 6 located at the launch end of the temperature sensing element for ...

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An aqueous highly alkaline thixotropic automatic dishwasher composition containing alkalimetal tripolyphosphate, sodium silicate, chlorine bleach stable organic detergent active surfactant material, chlorine bleach compound, preferably sodium hypochlorite, thixotropic thickener, preferably montmoril ...