Peter A Reali: Data line interface for a time-division multiplexing (TDM) bus. Rolm Corporation, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, November 27, 1984: US04485470 (100 worldwide citation)

This invention is a data line interface providing a parallel to serial conversion technique for selectively increasing serial data transmission rates. The data line interface receives a 16-bit data word or signal from a TDM bus and transmits it serially to one of a plurality of data terminal interfa ...

Roger Peirce: Loss control system. Visa U, Limbach Limbach & Sutton, November 27, 1984: US04485300 (98 worldwide citation)

A loss control system is disclosed wherein an issuer of bank cards can regulate the type of authorization requests transmitted thereto from a merchant. More particularly, a system is disclosed wherein each issuer maintains files relating to their cardholder. A data control center is linked to the fi ...

Stephen B Kaufman, John W Hart, Richard Chamernik: Container for mixing a liquid and a solid. Baxter Travenol Laboratories, John P Kirby Jr, Garrettson Ellis, Bradford R L Price, November 27, 1984: US04484920 (97 worldwide citation)

A container adapted for the mixing of a liquid and a solid initially placed in separate compartments. The compartment containing the solid has two access ports so liquid can pass through the compartment carrying the solid with it for better mixing.

Hiroshi Iwasaki: Method for manufacturing semiconductor Bi-CMOS device. Tokyo Shibaura Denki Kabushiki Kaishi, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner, November 27, 1984: US04484388 (88 worldwide citation)

A method for forming a Bi-CMOS structure, wherein a vertical npn transistor and CMOS transistors are formed on a single semiconductor substrate, is disclosed. After forming a p-type epitaxial silicon layer on a p-type silicon substrate with a plurality of n.sup.+ -type buried layers therein, n-type ...

Johannes O Voorman: Circuit for amplitude and phase modulation of carrier signal by two respective input signals. U S Philips Corporation, Thomas A Briody, William J Streeter, November 27, 1984: US04485357 (84 worldwide citation)

An electronic arrangement for generating an amplitude and phase-modulated carrier signal having a phase modulation stage with two inputs for receiving two modulation signals, which modulation stage generates two different phase-modulated signals having the same carrier frequency and substantially th ...

Richard K Balaska, Robert L Hunter, Scott S Robinson Jr: Memory system including RAM and page switchable ROM. CBS, Spencer E Olson, November 27, 1984: US04485457 (79 worldwide citation)

A memory system for use in a video game system or the like that has a limited number of signal lines for communicating address signals and a data bus, includes random access memory (RAM) to augment that contained in the game console in addition to plural segments of read only memory (ROM). A first d ...

Kenneth C Emmerich: Retainer and wear sleeve for rotating mining bits. Fansteel, Barnes Kisselle Raisch Choate Whittemore & Hulbert, November 27, 1984: US04484783 (78 worldwide citation)

A mining bit to be mounted for rotation in a bore of a support block or on a drill steel having a retention configuration opposite the working end. A bit shank is formed with an abutment flange at the insertion end and a recess adjacent said flange to receive flexed resilient fingers of a resilient ...

Ian P Fisher, Nicolas G Samman: Catalytic hydrocracking in the presence of hydrogen donor. Gulf Canada, R H Saunders, November 27, 1984: US04485004 (77 worldwide citation)

A process is disclosed in which a heavy hydrocarbon oil is converted to lighter products by hydrocracking in the presence of a hydrogen donor material boiling from 200.degree. C. to 300.degree. C. and a particulate hydrogenation catalyst comprising one of cobalt, molybdenum, nickel, tungsten and mix ...

Manfred Baier: Catheters. Richard Wolf, Kinzer Plyer Dorn & McEachran, November 27, 1984: US04484585 (77 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to catheters for measuring the pressure along the length of a patient's urethra, of the kind having a closed distal end and provided at a distance from said distal end with a lateral outlet for a fluid to be fed in at a constant rate of flow through a passage arranged for conn ...

Ernesto Illy: Automatic espresso coffee machine. Peter K Kontler, November 27, 1984: US04484515 (76 worldwide citation)

The automatic espresso coffee machine brews coffee from coffee pods placed in an extraction head or in a plurality of extraction heads and is characterized in that it comprises an electronic control system, including a microprocessor and memory means, which operate all the operations of the machine. ...