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A plate is provided with clearance holes and fastening screws. Each screw is provided in the region of its head with a clamping part subdivided into tongues by means of slots and provided with an internal opening bounded by a conical surface. To each screw belongs an expander having a conical outer ...

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This invention relates to a novel membrane useful in an electro-chemical, optical or other sensor device and to a method employing the membrane for determining the concentration of large molecule compound such as glucose in an aqueous solution of that compound and a dissolved small molecule substanc ...

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Lower-.omega.-alkenoyloxy-long chain alkanoic anhydrides are synthesized from the .omega.-hydroxyalkanoic acids and are condensed with glycerophosphatidyl cholines to prepare alkenoyloxyalkanoic esters of glycerophosphatidyl cholines. These are used to make vesicles which are then polymerized in sit ...

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A bone-equivalent, useful in the fabrication of prostheses, is disclosed which is prepared from a hydrated collagen lattice contracted by fibroblast cells and containing demineralized bone powder.

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An ultrasonic transducer assembly is provided with transducers for both therapeutic and diagnostic ultrasonic radiation. A moveable seal permits adjustment and alignment of the two transducer units in a fluid medium. In addition, there is provided a light beam directed along the axis of the ultrason ...

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A modular electrical connector system provides relatively high density pin out capability for high speed signal transmission and coupling while maintaining discrete wire capability. The system includes plural cable terminators, plural connector blocks, each having plural cells to receive and hold re ...

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A tissue-equivalent, useful in the treatment of burns or other skin wounds and in the fabrication of prostheses, is disclosed which is prepared from a hydrated collagen lattice contracted by a contractile agent, such as fibroblast cells or blood platelets, to form tissue-equivalent. In one embodimen ...

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A natural wax-containing ink jet ink for use in an ink jet apparatus which features good print quality. The ink jet ink is discharged from the ink jet ink apparatus at elevated temperatures above ambient.

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A method and an apparatus for administering a drug through a breathing passage for absorption on the mucous tissue of a patient includes introducing an aerosol of the drug into an expanded bag and bidirectional channel for communicating the drug with the breathing passage of the patient and otherwis ...

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A commissurotomy catheter and method for separating fused heart valve leaflets using the catheter is disclosed. The catheter is comprised of a lumen having at least two inflatable balloons at its operational end and at least one cutting edge between the balloons. To separate the fused leaflets the c ...