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A method and system for providing subscription services, particularly subscription television services, involving transmissions from a remote location to a subscriber location for which payment is required for access. A cost signal containing a cost or charge associated with the transmissions is tra ...

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A touch sensitive device is arranged with substantially parallel surfaces which are at least partially transparent to light. A flexible membrane is supported above the top surface of the screen and when the overlay is flexed into contact with the screen, light which had passed through the screen, is ...

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A subscriber distribution terminal is connected to the transmission medium for serving a group of subscribers. Within the distribution control terminal is located a plurality of television converters. A local oscillator in each of the converters is controlled by a microprocessor, which establishes t ...

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A blood sugar analyzer has a reaction cell which houses a fixed enzyme membrane and measuring electrode and which receives a blood specimen, to cause a chemical reaction between the specimen and membrane for measuring the blood sugar concentration in the specimen on the basis of the reaction current ...

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Deep drilling is facilitated by the following steps practiced separately or in any combination:

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An efficient, portable, easy to operate fastener applying tool is disclosed that is powered by the gases produced from the internal combustion of a fuel and air mixture. The tool uses an internally contained supply of liquified gas stored under pressure in a cylinder. Air is drawn in from outside th ...

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An external fixation device for holding bone segments in known relation to each other includes a pair of bone clamp assemblies each secured to bone pins extending from the bone segments, a bridge extending between the pin clamp assemblies and a specialized high friction universal assembly connecting ...

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An implantable hypothermia instrument for the in-situ treatment of oncological disorders includes a cylindrical casing terminating at a first end in a concave tumor-abutting portion of a thermoconductive material which is thermally adjacent the cold junction of a cascaded three-component solid state ...

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In a secure communications system, a key number which is changed periodically, e.g. monthly, and a random number from a random number generator are combined and used as a seed to reset a PN sequence generator, with the output of the generator being used to control encryption of transmission data in ...

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Integrated accelerometers comprising a flap (2) fixed to a carrier (1) by two attachment means (3) which are disposed symmetrically and in line with one side of the flap. An electrode (5) deposited on a plate (4) permits acceleration to be measured by measuring the corresponding variation in capacit ...