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An apparatus and method for signal processing employing intraframe and interframe variable prediction transform coding. Images are represented by sequential frames of two-dimensional arrays of digital signals. The digital signals are transformed to form transform coefficients for each frame. Predict ...

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1. Contrast medium containing microparticles and gas bubbles for ultrasound diagnostics, characterised in that it contains microparticles of a mixture of a semi-solid or liquid surface-active substance and a non-surface-active solid in a liquid carrier.

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A vehicle route finding system whereby a vehicle borne receiver (10) picks up signals from a radio navigation system (14, 15, 16, 23), such as the Loran-C system, and transmits data related to its location to a central station, via the data channel on a radiotelephone link. At the central station a ...

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The isolation of the yeast alpha -factor genes is described. The promoter and signal peptide portions are isolated and joined to DNA coding for proteins heterologous to yeast in a plasmid which is used to transform yeast cells. The yeast expresses the heterologous DNA and processes and secretes the ...

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Disclosed are recombinant methods and materials for use in securing production of exogenous (e.g., mammalian) polypeptides in yeast cells wherein hybrid precursor peptides susceptible to intracellular processing are formed and such processing results in secretion of desired polypeptides. In a presen ...

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Methods and compositions are provided for efficient production of human insulin-like growth factor. Synthetic IGF I and IGF II genes are joined to leader and processing signals which provide for expression and secretion of the gene product in yeast. Enhanced yields of the product may then be recover ...

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A method for stabilizing interferon which involves the addition of an alkali metal salt or magnesium chloride to interferon as a stabilizer. The stability of the interferon may be further enhanced by the addition of serum albumin and by freeze-drying. Also, a method for stabilizing interferon which ...

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Antenne plane hyperfréquences composée d'éléments rayonnants de signaux hyperfréquences, cette antenne étant constituée d'au moins deux plaques conductrices (10, 40) dans lesquelles sont ménagés des évidements les uns en regard des autres, et étant telle que, entre chaque couple de plaques successiv ...