Desai Bharat B: Polyquaternary ammonium compounds and cosmetic compositions containing them.. Miranol Chem Co, October 24, 1984: EP0122324-A1 (129 worldwide citation)

Novel polyquaternary ammonium compounds are prepared by polycondensation of diamino compounds and a dicarboxylic acid. The compounds are suitable for use in cosmetic compositions and as scale inhibitors and flocculants.

Hilmann Jurgen, Lange Lothar Dr, Zimmermann Ingfried Dr: Microparticles and ultrasonic contrast means containing gas bubbles.. Schering, October 24, 1984: EP0122624-A2 (81 worldwide citation)

1. Contrast medium containing microparticles and gas bubbles for ultrasound diagnostics, characterised in that it contains microparticles of a solid surface-active substance, optionally in combination with microparticles of a non-surface-active solid, in a liquid carrier.

Iida Takayuki, Miyake Tamio: Electronic thermometer.. Omron Tateisi Electronics Co, October 24, 1984: EP0122622-A1 (81 worldwide citation)

The electronic thermometer is comprised of a temperature sensor which senses the temperature of an object, a prediction temperature computing means for deriving a converged temperature according to the temperature sensed by the temperature sensor, a means for providing a range of error associated wi ...

Heller Arthur Dipl Ing: Apparatus for the time or event controlled recording of television signals.. Rundfunkschutz Interessengem, October 24, 1984: EP0122626-A2 (62 worldwide citation)

1. A device for time or en vent controlled recording of television programme signals, whereby the date of the shcheduled d start of a television programme item, on the one side, can be taken as reference value, e.g. in the form of a visually legible bar code (51) from a program announcement medium ( ...

Forney George D Jr: Block coded modulation system.. Codex, October 24, 1984: EP0122805-A2 (58 worldwide citation)

A family of block coded modulation systems for achieving coding gains using easily implemented coding and decoding methods is described.

Uimonen Matti: Drive-through chamber type timber drying kiln.. Tekma Oy, October 24, 1984: EP0122902-A2 (49 worldwide citation)

A drive-through chamber drier for timber where the timber loads (P) to be dried are carried on a roller track (10) through a front door (11) into the drying chamber. From the drying kiln, the timber loads (P) are removed after drying from the opposite side of the drying kiln through a rear door (13) ...

Eccles Timothy John: A rucksack.. Karrimor Int, October 24, 1984: EP0122764-A2 (43 worldwide citation)

In order to adjust the distance between the scapula pads (18) and the lumbar pad (15) so that the rucksack will fit confortably on users of different torso length, the scapula pads (18) are mounted on a transverse plate (16) which is slideable on vertical frame members 13, e.g. by means of runners ( ...


Kaibel Gerd: Distillation column.. BASF, October 24, 1984: EP0122367-A2 (39 worldwide citation)

In the column for the separation by distillation of feed product entering the distillation column at a feed point consisting of several fractions, into a pure top fraction and a pure bottom fraction and several, preferably one or two, medium-boiling fractions in the boiling range between the top fra ...

Carlsson Stefan: Apparatus for refrigeration and storage of products.. Wedholms, October 24, 1984: EP0122900-A2 (37 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for refrigeration and storage of products, especially liquid food products, such as milk, in an insulated tank (10). In the bottom of the tank there is disposed an evaporator (12) constituting part of a cooling coil in which a refrigerant circulates for keeping the tank contents cold. The ...