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A biologically active protein which is bonded to a water-insoluble porous copolymer based on N-vinylimidazole and/or substituted N-vinylimidazoles and monomers which can be copolymerized therewith, its preparation and its use for carrying out enzymatic reactions.

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This invention relates to a unique drug delivery system for delivering drugs to a body cavity. The drug delivery system comprises a medicament and a polymer such that the drug delivery system is a liquid at room temperature but forms a semi-solid or gel at the body temperature in the body cavity.

Philip J Bohrer, Robert G Johnson: Flow sensor. Honeywell, John P Sumner, October 23, 1984: US04478077 (208 worldwide citation)

A flow sensor comprising a pair of thin film heat sensors and a thin film heater is disclosed. The flow sensor further comprises a semiconductor body with a depression therein and structure connecting the heater and the sensors to the body and bridging the depression so that at least a major portion ...

Philip J Bohrer: Flow sensor. Honeywell, John P Sumner, October 23, 1984: US04478076 (204 worldwide citation)

A flow sensor comprising a pair of thin film heat sensors and a thin film heater is disclosed. A base supports the sensors and heater out of contact with the base with the sensors disposed on opposite sides of the heater. The heater is operated at a constant temperature above ambient temperature und ...

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The present invention relates to a frequency-hopped single sideband (SSB) mobile radio system implemented by hopping the carrier frequency of an input signal (s(t)) every .tau. seconds. The hopping is controlled by a carrier-frequency-hopped sequence (f.sub.i (t)) generated by a carrier-frequency-ho ...

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A process and apparatus for treating a tooth. A probing device probes the contours of the tooth while generating signals corresponding to both the position of the probing device and the pressure between the probing device and the tooth so as to generate an accurate indication of the contours of the ...

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A low profile natural tissue heart valve with a one-piece fabric covering is applied to a stent in a minimum number of steps so that virtually no seams are exposed. The one-piece covering serves also to enclose and mount the sewing ring to avoid separation from the stent. The procedure employed enab ...

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Cylindrical embossing tools are constructed from one or more masters formed by accurately scribing the face of a substrate along three axes in the face to produce a pattern of tetrahedrons. The plurality of masters, or replicated copies made from a single master, are assembled in a fixture and seaml ...

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A sampler for taking samples from multiple sources has a fixed, non-moving needle at a sampling station. A sample vial is lifted from a tray at the sampling station. The needle pierces the septum of the vial and enters the sample as the vial is lifted toward the needle. The sample vial is also rotat ...

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A communications network having a multiport data conference system is disclosed. The data conference system includes a multilevel processor arrangement with the lower level port processors communicating directly with data terminals and higher level processors controlling conference configuration. Da ...