Kees Schouhamer Immink
Kornelis A Schouhamer Immink, Lodewijk B Vries: Error correction method for the transfer of blocks of data bits, a device for preforming such a method, a decoder for use with such a method, and a device comprising such a decoder. U S Philips Corporation, Jack E Haken, James J Cannon Jr, October 16, 1984: US04477903 (18 worldwide citation)

For an error correction method for the transfer of word-wise arranged data, two word correction codes are successively used, each code acting on a group of words while therebetween an interleaving step is performed. The actual transfer takes place by means of channel words for which purpose there ar ...

Gerhard Richter, Gunter Luft, Ulrich Gebhardt: Method for determining sugar concentration. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Karl F Milde Jr, October 16, 1984: US04477314 (399 worldwide citation)

A method for determining the concentration of sugar in the presence of interfering foreign substances, by means of a test electrode with a membrane placed in front of it, the electrode being contained in an electrocatalytic sugar sensor, whereby the test electrode is set potentiostatically to a reac ...

Peter Vogel, Hans Peter Braun, Dieter Berger, Wolfgang Werner: Process and composition for separating plasma or serum from whole blood. Boehringer Mannheim, Felfe & Lynch, October 16, 1984: US04477575 (268 worldwide citation)

A composition and process for permitting the separation of plasma or serum from whole blood. The composition includes glass fibers having an average diameter of from 0.2.mu. to 5.mu. and a density of 0.1 g/cm.sup.2 to 0.5 g/cm.sup.2. The process includes the steps of slowly trickling whole blood ont ...

David S C Pao: Method of scleral marking. Woodcock Washburn Kurtz Mackiewicz & Norris, October 16, 1984: US04476862 (255 worldwide citation)

An electrode for use in electrocautery includes a central electrode having an outer electrode coaxially disposed therearound. The central and outer electrodes are electrically insulated from each other and are adapted to receive a high frequency voltage or direct voltage thereacross. The diameter of ...

Nikolai N Kanshin, Igor A Guskov, Alexei A Konoplev, Alexandr E Sachkov, Matvei M Mats: Surgical instrument for establishing circular coloanastomoses. Lilling & Greenspan, October 16, 1984: US04476863 (193 worldwide citation)

The surgical instrument of the present invention is for establishing circular anastomoses between various segments of the colon.

Daniel W Repperger: Biodynamic resistant control stick. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Air Force, Donald J Singer, John R Flanagan, October 16, 1984: US04477043 (173 worldwide citation)

An improvement to an aircraft control stick is disclosed. Movement of an aircraft may generate a force which undesirably causes the aircraft pilot to deflect the aircraft's control stick, which thereby results in the aircraft deviating from the desired flight path. The present invention includes a p ...

John I Peterson, Raphael V Fitzgerald: Fiber optic P.sub.O.sbsb.2 probe. The United States of America represented by the Department of Health and Human Services, Browdy and Neimark, October 16, 1984: US04476870 (173 worldwide citation)

A fiber optic probe to be implanted in human body tissue for physiologic studies involving measurement and monitoring of the partial pressure of gaseous oxygen in the blood stream, which is coursing through a particular blood vessel in the body. The use of the probe is based on the principle of dye ...

Nils T Lindman, Lars H Fransson, Carl C Pott: Picture display arrangement. U S Philips Corporation, Jack E Haken, James J Cannon Jr, October 16, 1984: US04477830 (169 worldwide citation)

An arrangement for the display of individually selectable map background pictures combined with an overlay of selectable predefined or operator generated symbols. The arrangement comprises a video disc player with a video disc carrying the map pictures and a computer in which symbol generative data ...

David L Thompson: Body stimulator output circuit. Medtronic, Schroeder Siegfried Vidas & Arrett, October 16, 1984: US04476868 (148 worldwide citation)

A body implantable stimulator having an output capacitance. Provision is made to increase the charge rate of the capacitance for a predetermined period following an output stimulation signal.

Charles T Brumbaugh, Robert L Pittenger, Robert M Klees: Dual mode radio frequency-infrared frequency system. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Air Force, Donald J Singer, Jacob N Erlich, October 16, 1984: US04477814 (143 worldwide citation)

A combined RF/IR system in which a common surface is used in the dual modes of radiating and absorbing RF energy and of reflecting and focusing IR energy. The common surface is structured, configured, and used as the slotted array antenna for the RF energy and as the primary mirror of a Cassegrain o ...