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A high-toughness thermoplastic polyamide composition resistant to impact even at low temperature, formed from polyamides of type 6 or 66 in mixture with alternating elastomer copolyesteramides in a quantity of between 3 and 10% and preferably between 5 and 7% by weight.

Kees Schouhamer Immink
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A method of recording a binary information signal on a record carrier having a radiation-sensitive information layer. The information signal is encoded in such a way that at least n (n.gtoreq.2) consecutive bit cells are of the same type. This information is recorded as pattern of unitary recording ...

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A surgical stapler including a stapling assembly, an actuator assembly remote from the stapling assembly, and a longitudinal shaft assembly having a longitudinally flexible section for connecting the actuator assembly to the stapling assembly and for transmitting the forces and motions required to o ...

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Complexes of reconstituted collagen and demineralized bone particles or reconstituted collagen and a solubilized bone morphogenetic protein fabricated in a sponge suitable for in vivo implantation in osseous defects are disclosed. Both demineralized bone particles (DBP) and bone morphogenetic protei ...

Robert S Behl: Electronic medication dispensing system. Sybron Corporation, Robert A Gerlach, Joseph C MacKenzie, September 25, 1984: US04473884 (211 worldwide citation)

A portable medication dispensing unit has several compartments for storing pills or other forms of medicine. The dispensing unit is programmed with a medication schedule which causes visual and audio signals when it is time for the medication to be consumed. The medication schedule is optimized to a ...

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A price quotation system for conveying quotations of interest to the financial community comprising a transmitter for receiving a plurality of said quotations and broadcasting serial data representing each of said quotations, a handheld, portable receiver for receiving the serially transmitted data, ...

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An assembly for introducing intra-aortic balloons and the like into a body artery and comprising a thin, splittable sheath positioned within the artery. An intra-aortic balloon and balloon catheter are inserted into the femoral artery through the introducer sheath. An adapter is slidably mounted upo ...

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Microcellular foam materials having void fractions of about 5 to 30 percent and uniform void sizes on the order of 2 to 25 microns are produced by pre-saturating the material to be processed with a uniform concentration of a gas while controlling temperature and pressure to avoid cell nucleation. Pr ...

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A novel class of dialkyl and dialkyl-aromatic viologens (4,4'dipyridinium compounds) and their salts which may be polymerized and covalently bonded to electrodes for use in electronic display systems.

Arthur Lueders, Marc Bellotti, James Fitzgerald, Larry C Taylor: Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis clamping system. Baxter Travenol Laboratories, Paul C Flattery, Garrettson Ellis, September 25, 1984: US04473369 (125 worldwide citation)

A system is provided for connection of a transfer spike on the end of a tube with another tube, in which the connection portions may be ultraviolet sterilized prior to connection. Both the spike and the tube for connection communicate with a housing member having a tubular, collapsible sheath member ...