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Methods of manufacturing and purifying metal chelate conjugated monoclonal antibodies are described. The chelated metal may be one which emits alpha, beta or gamma radiation, or positrons. Alternatively, the metal can be one which is fluorogenic or paramagnetic. The conjugates are suited for diagnos ...

Paul E Olson: Low surface energy liner of perfluoropolyether. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Cruzan Alexander, Donald M Sell, William G Ewert, September 18, 1984: US04472480 (163 worldwide citation)

Low surface energy liner provided by segments of a perfluoropolyether monomer which has been in-situ polymerized into a cohesive network which is adhered to a substrate. The low surface energy liner is especially useful as a low-adhesion backsize coating for a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape.

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Improved detachment and sealing mechanism for a balloon catheter assembly utilized in diagnostic and therapeutic environments in connection with very small human vessels. The assembly is of the type including a resilient elongated catheter having means at one end for attachment to a source of pressu ...

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A golf clubhead has weight distributed on opposite sides of a non-vertical axis which extends through the center of gravity of the clubhead in a plane which intersects the axis of the shaft above the clubhead to provide more accurate off-center hits. Wooden clubs are provided with bulge and roll whi ...

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Shock absorbing devices utilize rheopexic fluid contained in a deformable sealed chamber which is subjected to external shock forces. Upon application of the shock forces to the deformable sealed chamber, the rheopexic fluid filled therein is exerted with shear stress which causes the rheopexic flui ...

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A sampling frequency converter for converting a first signal sampled at a first sampling frequency f1 into a second signal sampled at a second sampling frequency f2 comprising an interpolation device supplied with the first signal, for inserting L-1 zeros (L is an integer) for every sampling time, a ...

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Each wing of an aircraft carries a set of five outboard spoilers, one inboard spoiler, one inboard aileron and one outboard aileron, together constituting the lateral control surfaces for the aircraft. Each spoiler is positioned by means of a single thread electrohydraulic servoactuator. Each outboa ...

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A disposable cartridge comprises a substantially rigid envelope of plastics material which contains a dose of water-soluble granular, powdery or similar particulate matter adapted to produce a beverage by brewing with hot water. The envelope has an inlet endwall with one or more water inlet through ...

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A telemetering intracranial pressure transducer comprises an airtight casing member housing a pressure-electric transducer for detecting an intracranial pressure, a pressure-receiving layer disposed in contact with the pressure-electric transducer and in pressed engagement with the dura under the sk ...

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There is disclosed an acoustic earmuff device wherein there is provided an articulated earmuff-to-headband attachment construction which is readily fabricated and assembled and which provides sufficient freedom of pivotal motion of the earmuff relative to the headband as to allow each earmuff to rea ...