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Capsules and other shaped products formed from a moldable starch composition in an injection molding device is dislosed in the present invention. The composition comprising starch having a molecular mass range of 10,000 to 20,000,000 Dalton, and a water content range from 5 to 30% by weight. The sta ...

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The presence or absence of a fault between the near end of a light transmission line (2) being tested and the far end of the light transmission line (2) is detected by identifying whether the light reflected along the light transmission line (2) is reflected by a position farther away than a filter ...

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Monoclonal antibodies to adenocarcinoma cells, and, in particular, breast carcinoma cells, are produced by a hybridoma formed by fusing mouse lymphocytes and mouse myeloma cells. The monoclonal antibodies are capable of shrinking solid tumors associated with human breast. The monoclonal antibodies, ...


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The amount of insulation needed in a high-voltage pulse transformer conflicts with the requirement to provide close coupling between the transformer windings in order to ensure sufficiently fast pulse rise times. A secondary winding is made up of a coiled length of wire 3 with an insulating sheath 4 ...

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Synthetic phospholipid compounds which are phosphatidylethanolamine polycarboxyl polyalkylene glycols are prepared by the reaction of a phosphatidylethanolamine, a polycarboxylic acid compound, such as succinic or glutaryl anhydride, and a polyalkylene glycol, such as polyethylene glycol.


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A method to detect indirectly at least one gas, particularly dissolved gases, of an animal employing nuclear magnetic resonance techniques (NMR). The method examines an NMR spectrum to determine chemical shift relaxation times or spin-spin couplings for an element of an animal influenced by at least ...