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A method and apparatus for providing a tricuspid heart valve that can be assembled with autogenous or foreign tissue using a prefabricated kit comprised of two stents that mate together and a sewing ring, one stent inside or below the other, with the tissue clamped between the stents. The inner or l ...

Thomas C Donald, Henry W Donald: Software protection system. C A Phillips, September 11, 1984: US04471163 (278 worldwide citation)

A protection system for controlling the operation of a digital computer as to a particular program wherein a program "lock" interfaces with the computer and authorizes the operation in response only to a selected relation between a number in the program, a number in the lock, and a third number, a " ...

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An endoscopic device is disclosed which provides for unobstructed viewing within a body space of a patient. The endoscopic device includes a tube carrying a light transmitting system with a balloon extending over the system. The balloon can be expanded and the interior of the body space inspected or ...

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Joint endoprosthesis for the total replacement of degenerate joints such as the ankle, knee, elbow, wrist and finger. When embodied as an ankle endoprosthesis (10), the device comprises a tibial component (11) for being secured to the tibia and which provides a first bearing surface (21a); a talar c ...

Thomas V Maxwell: Square-edged laminated wood strip or plank materials. Masonite Corporation, Mason Kolehmainen Rathburn & Wyss, September 11, 1984: US04471012 (219 worldwide citation)

Laminated wood strip or plank flooring members are disclosed having adjacent edges of adjacent strip or plank members slightly reverse-beveled, i.e. 2.degree. to 7.degree. from vertical, to tightly fit together to provide precise, flush contact between adjacent upper surfaces of adjacent strips or p ...

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A solid-state image sensor which detects the quantity of light incident on image sensor cells during exposure and performs exposure control in accordance with an exposure value thus obtained. The solid-state image sensor is provided with a photoelectric converter having a plurality of non-destructiv ...

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A molding method and apparatus in which an insert part is supported in a mold cavity by a pin. The pin is withdrawn when the resin pressure in the mold exceeds a predetermined value.

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A remote unit for use in a wireless extension telephone system having a self-contained dipole antenna. Utilizing the unique construction of the telephone instrument housing one element of the dipole is included in a planar element that functions normally to direct sound to a self-contained microphon ...

Michael W Conway: Method and compositions for fracturing subterranean formations. Halliburton Company, Robert A Kent, Thomas R Weaver, September 11, 1984: US04470915 (167 worldwide citation)

An aqueous gel containing a crosslinking agent comprising an organotitanate chelate and a retarding agent which delays crosslinking of the gel. This retarding agent comprises a selected polyhydroxycarboxylic acid having from 3 to 7 carbon atoms. The gel is useful for fracturing and placing propping ...

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The user has a credit card incorporating electronic devices and/or circuits. The facility which is to be protected has an electronic device and/or circuit analogous to that of the credit card. The devices of the credit card and of the facility contain in their respective memories a secret code S, an ...