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A thin adhesive coated film dressing is provided with the adhesive surface covered by a release paper in three sections to facilitate the application of the dressing to the wound site. The construction of the dressing provides for the center section of the release paper to be removed to expose the c ...


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The present invention relates to a process for producing a tasteless carbon heat source from a preformed article of a lingo-cellulosic material according to which the article is pyrolyzed in a continuously exchanged inert atmosphere at a temperature within the range of from about 800 DEG to about 11 ...

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In order to provide a catheter which is not only easy to produce and handle, but in addition permits a satisfactory and complete removal of inclusions in a manner which does not pose a risk to the patient, according to the invention it is proposed that the front end of the tubular body (1) be provid ...


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In apparatus for preparation of a medical infusion solution, especially for the treatment of the urema by means of haemofiltration or peritoneal dialysis, infusion concentrate from a container (9) is mixed in desired ratio with high purity water in a mixing tank (15), the mixing ratio is determined ...

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A new process is disclosed for successively measuring the environmental exposure of environmental indicating devices. Environmental indicating devices that may be measured by the new process include devices that have at least one variable region of reflectivity and at least one non-variable region o ...

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A composition consisting essentially of (A) a polymer, having at least one nitrogen-hydrogen bond, emulsified in water with at least one surfactant and (B) a water solubilized additive selected from the group consisting of organic zirconates, germanates, titanates, and mixtures thereof is disclosed. ...


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Compounds having the general formula in which W is R min or OR min , R min being hydrogen, alkyl, phenyl or benzyl X is (CH2)p-CHR or CHR-(CH2)p- R3 is ohosen from various substituents, Y is -NH@-, -@NH-, -NH @-NH, or -NH@-O-, Z is chosen from various of organic groups, and R2 forms, with the carbon ...