Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Paul J Bladyka: Detachable mixing chamber for a fluid dispensing apparatus. Sealed Air Corporation, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, September 4, 1984: US04469251 (33 worldwide citation)

A detachable mixing chamber is constructed and arranged to receive a plurality of fluid components from a source thereof for forming a fluid such as a foam to be discharged therefrom. The chamber includes a core having a bore therein and a plurality of inlet openings arranged in communication with t ...

Paul O P Ts o, Paul S Miller: Nonionic nucleic acid alkyl and aryl phosphonates and processes for manufacture and use thereof. Walter G Finch, September 4, 1984: US04469863 (591 worldwide citation)

Oligonucleoside alkyl-- or aryl phosphonates are nonionic analogues of nucleic acid which possess unique physical and biological properties. These properties enable the analogues to enter living cells intact and to bind with specifically selected nucleic acids within the cell. As a result, the analo ...

Gerard J Slama: Device for causing a pinprick to obtain and to test a drop of blood. Lane Aitken & Kananen, September 4, 1984: US04469110 (531 worldwide citation)

For causing a pinprick on a user's skin to obtain a drop of blood, a movable holder which holds a pin, actuated by a spring, is tensioned.

Steven A Lombardi: Programmable motor protector. Allen Bradley Company, Barry E Sammons, September 4, 1984: US04470092 (141 worldwide citation)

A programmable motor protector includes a protect module which connects through one serial link to a programmer module and through a second serial link to an RTD module. The protect module is a microprocessor which is programmed to monitor the values of various motor operating parameters and compare ...

Donald N Mehl: Bone marrow aspiration needle. Creative Research and Manufacturing, Hugh D Jaeger, September 4, 1984: US04469109 (130 worldwide citation)

Needle for bone marrow biopsies including a cannula, a cannula housing supporting the cannula including a partially threaded lower member, a stylet including a stylet cap supporting the stylet and a threaded depth stop for engaging over the cannula wherein the stylet engages into the cannula in a pr ...

James C Asher: Controller unit for video game. Atari, Townsend and Townsend, September 4, 1984: US04469330 (123 worldwide citation)

A combination keyboard/joystick controller is provided in which a joystick shaft is pivotally mounted on one end. The shaft passes through elongated apertures in two parallel plates. Each plate is capable of moving along an axis in response to joystick movement along that axis, and each plate is cou ...

Carl R Coleman, Kenneth E Hughes: Suture device. Battelle Memorial Institute, Robert B Watkins, September 4, 1984: US04469101 (114 worldwide citation)

A suture device for use in tendon repair which comprises an open network constructed of nontoxic tissue-receptive intersecting members extending between opposite ends and formed to receive and fit tightly over opposing and approximated ends of a lacerated tendon.

Abram Ackerman: Tamper-resistant terminator for a female coaxial plug. Viewsonics, Darby & Darby, September 4, 1984: US04469386 (113 worldwide citation)

A coupling device includes a housing, a coupling cap within the housing, first means for rotatably engaging the cap with the housing, second means for engaging the cap with the coupling, third means for engaging a workpiece to the cap, and fourth means for providing tool access from the housing to t ...

Austin M Williams: Single sideband quadricorrelator. Hughes Aircraft Company, W J Benman Jr, A W Karambelas, September 4, 1984: US04470145 (109 worldwide citation)

A supplementary frequency acquisition circuit in the form of a frequency difference detector called a single sideband quadricorrelator is provided. When used in conjunction with a phase-locked loop of a conventional spread spectrum demodulator, this circuit allows for the rapid acquisition and accur ...

Mario Ferraris, Francesco Rosati: Process for preparing spheroidally shaped products, solid at room temperature. Montedison S p A, September 4, 1984: US04469648 (108 worldwide citation)

Solid products of spheroidal shape and having a maximum diameter of 1 to 5,000 microns are prepared starting from a mixture of at least two immiscible, mutually chemically inert liquids, one of which is in the form of a molten solid, said liquids being prsent in the mixture in a ratio such that one ...