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A process and vector compositions for the introduction of expressible genes into plant cell genomes by utilization of the vector properties of the Ti plasmids of Agrobacterium are described. Modified acceptor Ti plasmids are described which allow the introduction of any gene(s) of interest contained ...

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An expression vector capable of expressing in a vertebrate host cell culture a desired protein and a secondary protein, which vector comprises a DNA sequence encoding for a desired protein and a DNA sequence encoding for a secondary protein wherein both said DNA sequences are operably linked to the ...

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A plasmid which comprises a DNA sequence coding for a DHFR protein with a low binding affinity for MTX. Also, plasmids which contain the foregoing sequence along with a sequence encoding a desired heterologous protein, each sequence operably linked to a sequence capable of effecting its expression. ...


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Propane is converted to acrylic acid in an integrated three-stage process. Propane is dehydrogenated in a first stage to propylene, hydrogen, and by-products. The reaction effluent is passed into a second stage where propylene is oxidized to acrolein without significant oxidation of the hydrogen and ...


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1. Collection container with bottom discharge for solids, especially waste paper, comprising lateral and upper walls (1, 2) having at least one insertion opening (3) as well as two simultaneously movable hinged bottom flaps (4, 5) which are linked on diametrically opposite sides of the lower periphe ...


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A method and vectors for producing tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) in eukaryotic host cells is disclosed. Enhanced levels of tPA production are obtained by co-amplification of the tPA gene through treatment with methotrexate of cultures transformed with expression vectors coding additionally for ...