Mamoru Fukuda: Skin closure stapling device for surgical procedures. Gunn Lee & Jackson, August 28, 1984: US04467805 (344 worldwide citation)

A skin opening and closure device for surgical procedures incorporates elongated flexible locking strips having elongated locking ridge means formed thereon which are adapted to be placed in interlocking assembly and capable of being separated and relocked, as desired. A plurality of half staples ar ...

Dieter R Enzmann, Ingemar Lundquist: System and method for catheter placement in blood vessels of a human patient. Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, August 28, 1984: US04468224 (273 worldwide citation)

A kit of instruments for percutaneous introduction of a catheter into a major blood vessel of a human patient, including a hollow needle assembly having a proximal end adapted to be inserted through the skin of a patient into the blood vessel, a guide wire adapted to be inserted through the needle i ...

Dave D Nagel: Manufacture of diamond bearings. Maurer Engineering, Neal J Mosely, August 28, 1984: US04468138 (223 worldwide citation)

In the manufacture of diamond bearings consisting of a supporting plate/ring having a plurality of recesses equally spaced therearound with insert members consisting of hardmetal or carbide studs, with planar faces of polycrystalline diamond, positioned therein, the diamond bearing faces are made co ...

Gerald W White: Method for resisting galling. White Engineering Corporation, Richards Harris & Medlock, August 28, 1984: US04468309 (169 worldwide citation)

A method for resisting galling of two coacting threaded members (10, 16) is provided. The method includes depositing a material film (36) by high energy level ion plating onto the machined surfaces (12, 14) of at least one of the threaded members (10, 16) for providing a thin mechanically insulating ...

Peter K Bachmann: Method of manufacturing fluorine-doped optical fibers. U S Philips Corporation, Marc D Schechter, August 28, 1984: US04468413 (167 worldwide citation)

Doped silica glass can be manufactured by reacting gaseous vapors of silica-forming compounds and dopant-forming compounds. Increased fluorine dopant can be provided with less fluorine dopant-forming compound, when the fluorine dopant-forming compound is hexafluoroethane (C.sub.2 F.sub.6).

Leland C Clark Jr: Method of polarographic analysis of lactic acid and lactate. Children s Hospital Medical Center, Wood Herron & Evans, August 28, 1984: US04467811 (166 worldwide citation)

A method of measuring lactic acid or lactate and derivatives thereof in liquids which is extremely versatile and is suitable for use in a number of areas such as the rapid measurement of lactic acid in whole blood, the ratio of lactic acid to pyruvic acid in whole blood, in-vivo measurement of lacti ...

Jacob H Steinberg: Transparent odor-free face mask. Jacob A Steinberg, August 28, 1984: US04467799 (156 worldwide citation)

A hygienic, disposable, cup shaped, thin, flexible transparent face mask to cover the mouth and nose area of the face of a wearer comprising a transparent foraminous web having a narrow circuitous edging on the back of which there is applied at least 3 relatively equidistant spots of rupturable pres ...

Walter Nathan: Molded tray for display stands. Norman Lettvin, August 28, 1984: US04467927 (152 worldwide citation)

An improved molded tray for a display stand is shaped to provide a rectangular planar product-support member, whose support area is free of structural invasion by other parts of the tray. The planar product-support member is reinforced by an integral, transverse, peripheral reinforcing flange that e ...

Manfred Munch: Helical mandibular implant. Feldmuhle Aktiengesellschaft, Max Fogiel, August 28, 1984: US04468200 (139 worldwide citation)

Mandibular implant of ceramic material in which a bottom portion for anchoring in the mandible has a substantially conical helix shape rounded off at the end. An upper portion has a concave section for receiving an epithelial sleeve by the concave section and an opening to accept a denture support. ...

Peter Carveth: Separated packaging and sterile processing for liquid-powder mixing. Baxter Travenol Laboratories, John P Kirby Jr, Raymond M Mehler, R L Price Bradford, August 28, 1984: US04467588 (138 worldwide citation)

Provided is a process for preparing an aseptic container for separately storing a sterilized powdered component and a sterilized liquid component under clean conditions. The container includes two sealed chambers having a frangible, sterilized connection therebetween, one said chamber containing the ...