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A remote gaming system for use with a wagering or gambling establishment such as a casino to enable a player's participation in a selected one of a plurality of wagering games from a remote location. The system includes a croupier station, a credit station and a player station remotely located from ...

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A virtual storage system for use in conjunction with a host computer is disclosed. The system features a memory control processor external to the host computer which divides user-defined data sets into blocks of a size convenient for storage on, e.g., magnetic media and individually assigns these bl ...

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The useful lifetime and the amount of microbubbles of a size less than 50 .mu.m produced by mechanical agitation of an aqueous liquid employed as an ultrasonic contrast medium are increased by employing a liquid containing dissolved therein a tenside which reduces the surface tension of the liquid a ...

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The transmission of signed messages occurs between a transmitter (1) and a receiver (3) connected by a transmission line system (2). The transmitter (1) and the receiver (3) respectively comprise a coding device 7 and a decoding device 11. Means 4 situated at the transmitter supply a signature SG as ...

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Disclosed is a substrate for an array of integrated circuit dice 10' disposed in a regular array on the monolithic wafer substrate 1. Also disposed on the wafer substrate 1 is a network 11' interconnecting various circuits 10', with other integrated circuits, disposed in the array formed on the wafe ...

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An article, such as a semiconductor wafer (31), is selectively electrolytically plated to form metal deposits, such as contacts (26), adjacent to anodes of diode regions within such wafer by mounting the wafer in a plating chamber (36) opposite first and second electrodes (61 and 62), filling the ch ...

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A plurality of image sensors cover overlapping regions and provide output signals which are selected during nonoverlapping times and combined into a synthetic video signal. The timing of all sensor selections except the first are keyed to the first so that adjustment of the first starting time can m ...

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A lens particularly for applications requiring a large lens eliminates costly grinding and polishing operations. The lens embodies an adjustable chamber containing an optical fluid which can be pressurized in varying degrees by altering the size of the chamber. Resilient optical diaphragms at the en ...

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Two input pictures are each compressed horizontally, one to three-quarters width, the other to one-quarter width, and combined side-by-side to form a single picture suitable for transmission over a standard link. The two signals are interchanged on alternate fields. Bandwidth limiting in the transmi ...

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An improved bone cement nozzle and method for use in filling a long bone medullary canal with bone cement. The nozzle includes an expandable shield which scrapes the canal wall and pressurizes the cement as it enters the canal so that it flows into interstices in the bone.