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A suction canister assembly comprises an enclosed receptacle having a first opening for providing suction to the receptacle and a second opening for drawing fluids, including liquids and gases, into the receptacle during suction. A unitary shut-off valve/filter element is associated with the interio ...

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Electrochromic mirrors hermetically sealed from the ambient environment and comprising at least one electrode, at least one electrochromic layer, a reflector, at least one ion-conducting layer, and at least one ion-supplying layer which simultaneously is an ion-storing layer and is not identical wit ...

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A method of attaching a sole plate to a hollow metal golf club head by providing a dam integral with the head whereby a metallic melt is sustained around the periphery of the sole plate. The dam is later removed so that the sole plate and golf club head are the same height.

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At least two constituent elements of a semiconductor compound are deposited in varying proportions by magnetron sputtering to produce a film having a preselected concentration gradient of the constituent elements. The film can be heat treated during or after deposition to diffuse the constituent ele ...