Bailey John Clark: Nonaqueous cell and a method for treating an active metal anode of a nonaqueous cell.. Union Carbide, June 20, 1984: EP0111214-A2 (62 worldwide citation)

A nonaqueous cell employing a liquid active cathode, such as thionyl chloride, and an anode, such as lithium, coated with a boron-containing surface film that will substantially prevent excessive anode passivation during storage or discharge of the cell.


Brown Brent W: Electronic displays. Integrated Systems Eng, June 20, 1984: GB2131589-A (46 worldwide citation)

A monochrome or multicoloured display e.g. for an outdoor scoreboard comprises a large number of light source elements, each having a compact array of LEDs. Each element can emit light of sufficient luminance to be seen in direct sunlight. For full colour display each element has a cathode 30 and th ...

Zoglio Michael A: Sustained release solid dosage forms having non-uniform distribution of active ingredient.. Merrell Dow Pharma, June 20, 1984: EP0111144-A1 (44 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to sustained-release, solid-dosage forms having non-uniform distribution of active ingredient which provides for zero-order release of the active ingredient. The non-uniform distribution is accomplished by providing for a multitude of enveloping, concentric layers over a centr ...

Krueckau Fritz Ernst: Prefabricated composite element for the external insulation of building-walls.. BASF, June 20, 1984: EP0111235-A2 (43 worldwide citation)

The element consists of A a heat insulating sheet, preferably of a hard foamed plastic, B an adhesive layer and C facing sheets, e.g. of ceramic, stone or asbestos cement. The heat insulating sheet A is (in the assembled condition) provided, on the outside, with vertically extending ventilating duct ...

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In an enzyme immunoassay when a specific antibody produced by contacting a peptide essential to the formation of a specific antibody to a peptide antigen, a freeze-dried material of beta -D-galactosidase-enzyme conjugate or a peptide-enzyme conjugate prepared by coupling a labeling enzyme with a pep ...

Mueller Ernst Dr, Grabowski Hans Dieter, Bohm Hans Joachim, Trautwein Adolf: Apparatus and method for pouring molten metal.. Fischer Georg, Hagenburger Chamotte Ton, June 20, 1984: EP0111213-A2 (38 worldwide citation)

Eine als wiederverwendbare Kompakteinheit ausgebildete Eingussvorrichtung weist einen Einlaufteil (1), eine Rotationskammer (2) und einen Auslaufteil (4) auf. Der Einlaufteil (1) schliesst tangential an die Rotationskammer (2) an, wobei die Eintrittsöffnung (7) als senkrechter Schlitz ausgebildet is ...

Zollinger Hansrudolf: Upholstered furniture.. Zollinger Hansrudolf, June 20, 1984: EP0111184-A2 (37 worldwide citation)

1. Upholstered furniture (1) with a seat part (2) and seat arm parts (3, 4) adjacent the end faces of the same, where at least the seat part (2) has upholstery and adjustable in respect of its width (B) usable for seating with respect to at least one of both seat arm parts (3, 4) characterised in th ...

Blum Samuel Emil, Srinivasan Rangaswamy, Wynne James Jeffrey: Ablative photodecomposition of organic biological material.. Ibm, June 20, 1984: EP0111060-A1 (34 worldwide citation)

Photoetching organic biological matter is effected without requiring heat as the dominant etching mechanism. Farultraviolet radiation having one or more of wavelengths less than 200 nm is used to selectively remove organic biological material, where the radiation has an energy fluence sufficiently g ...

Berry Peter William: Adhesive film dressing. Smith & Nephew Ass, June 20, 1984: GB2131299-A (31 worldwide citation)

Adhesive dressing 1 comprises a) a removable transparent polymeric support layer 11, preferably attached by means of adhesive tape 13 to a non-adhesive tab 12, b) a bacteria-proof transparent film 2 c) an adhesive coating 3 d) a pair of release sheets 5, 6 having their free edges 7, 8 situated away ...