Clyde R Pratt, Roger G Carignan: Osteal medical staple. Techmedica, Cislo O Reilly & Thomas, June 19, 1984: US04454875 (373 worldwide citation)

An osteal medical staple of unique configuration having a cross-bar portion defining gripping surfaces by which the staple may be securely and rigidly held by a driver tool or the like, wherein the staple has depending leg portions flaring outwardly a predetermined amount such that regardless of the ...

Christian Kruger: Medical instruments for introduction into the respiratory tract of a patient. Balogh Osann Kramer Dvorak Genova & Traub, June 19, 1984: US04454887 (254 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a medical instrument for withdrawal of tracheobronchial secretions or for introduction of curative agents, tubes, guiding elements, probes, endoscopes, catheters and the like into the respiratory tract of a patient.

Marshall R Urist: Bone morphogenetic protein. The Regents of the University of California, Kenyon & Kenyon, June 19, 1984: US04455256 (176 worldwide citation)

Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) made by the process comprising the steps of demineralizing bone tissue; treating the demineralized bone tissue under aqueous conditions with a water soluble neutral salt and a solubilizing agent for the BMP, the agent being selected from the group consisting of urea ...

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A satellite communications system, which is inherently power limited, employing spread spectrum techniques in order to trade-off bandwidth for small ground station antennas. In a one-way system embodiment a central station transmits data to a satellite for relay to a large number of small antenna re ...

Yuri Itkis: Electronic card and board game. Browdy and Neimark, June 19, 1984: US04455025 (169 worldwide citation)

An electronic card and board game in which the players and/or leaders of the game are assisted by a microprocessor in the selection of random numbers for the game, and in monitoring the current status of the game as applicable to one or more playing cards bearing information relevant to the game. Th ...

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A process for the geoconversion of coal into oil comprising the steps of forming a coal slurry, injecting the coal slurry into a preselected oil well to provide an environment for the coal slurry having predetermined pressure conditions of approximately 1500 to 4500 lbs./in..sup.2 and temperature co ...

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This invention relates to circuitry for non-impact printers that use light emitting diodes (LED's) to produce an image on a photoconductor and for controlling the output of each LED of a light emitting diode array that is part of the printer. A binary weighted duty cycle control is used to obtain su ...

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In a cable television system wherein a polling channel is provided for two-way communications between the center and the terminal units, video data signals are transmitted on request from the center to the terminal units during an otherwise idle period in said polling channel.

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A display panel for a vending machine including the capability of adding promotions, advertising, and special equipment such as electronic and video games to the existing vending machine. A utility module for containing one of these devices is located on the display panel of the vending machine and ...

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Headphones have a small cavity between the diaphragm and the ear canal with a microphone in the cavity closely adjacent to the diaphragm providing a feedback signal that is combined with the input electrical signal to be reproduced by the headphones to provide a combined signal that is power amplifi ...