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A load monitoring system for a press comprises a slide-position counting circuit, A/D converter, random access memory and display. The load monitoring system receives a load value applied to the press and a slide position value from a load detector and a slide position detector mounted on the press. ...

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A stabilized absorption composition comprising (a) a halogenated hydrocarbon refrigerant, (b) a liquid absorbent of a polyethylene glycol methyl ether and (c) at least one stabilizer selected from phosphite esters, epoxy compounds and organotin compounds is excellent in stability and can be used for ...

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The container is constructed so as to provide a plurality of compartments in the container body, in which the load is filled. The compartments are defined by an elastic membrane element so that the membrane elements can be expanded so as to provide a wider space particularly for the compartment form ...

Walther G Grot: Process for making articles coated with a liquid composition of perfluorinated ion exchange resin. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, June 12, 1984: US04453991 (54 worldwide citation)

A process is provided for making a liquid composition of a perfluorinated polymer having sulfonic acid or sulfonate groups in a liquid medium by contacting the polymer with a mixture of 25 to 100% by weight of water and 0 to 75% by weight of a second liquid component such as a lower alcohol, e.g., p ...

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A system for use in an electronic digital signal processor for assembling multiple report definition instructions to create a shell document to generate a file report. The system enables an operator to depress an instruction key to call up an instruction menu and select for display the report defini ...

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A lightweight joint compound for use in finishing joints between gypsum wallboards, comprising a filler, a binder, a specially treated expanded perlite, a non-leveling agent, and a thickener.

Irvin H Lutz: Process for upgrading a heavy viscous hydrocarbon. Alberta Oil Sands Technology & Research Authority, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, June 12, 1984: US04454023 (52 worldwide citation)

A process for upgrading a heavy viscous hydrocarbon, for example, rendering a heavy viscous crude pipelinable, includes visbreaking, distillation and solvent extraction steps. A heavy viscous hydrocarbon is fed through the visbreaker which forms a feed to the distillation step. A heavier fraction fr ...

Martin Hollmann: Holding apparatus. Westinghouse Electric, F J Baehr Jr, June 12, 1984: US04453449 (52 worldwide citation)

A holddown apparatus having a sleeve with a plurality of fingers, the reactive length of which is varied in order to provide any predetermined engaging and release force to detents which engage a groove in a shaft that is attached to a missile to form a passive holddown apparatus which is reusable.

Tetsuro Arikawa, Yasuo Samatsu: Brake fluid pressure control apparatus in skid control system. Nippon Air Brake, McDougall Hersh & Scott, June 12, 1984: US04453782 (51 worldwide citation)

A brake fluid pressure control apparatus in a skid control system includes electromagnetic valves arranged between a master cylinder and a wheel cylinder, receiving control signals of a control unit measuring the skid condition of the wheel to control a brake fluid pressure to the wheel cylinder; a ...

Richard D Smith: Modular cabinet for different video game cartridges, cassettes, and instruction booklets. Evanns & Walsh, June 12, 1984: US04453785 (51 worldwide citation)

A cabinet or container for holding a plurality of objects of different shapes and sizes in an organized manner, making it possible to easily retrieve any desired object. The cabinet is particularly adapted for holding VHS, Beta video cassette tapes, and Atari, Mattel Intellivision video game cartrid ...