Hellgren Lars Gustav Inge: Enzyme composition for cleaning, the use thereof and preparation of the composition.. Hellgren Lars G I, Mohr Viggo, Vincent Jan Gustav, May 2, 1984: EP0107634-A2 (178 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a new and improved enzyme composition for cleaning, a method for its preparation and a new method for the therapeutical and non-therapeutical cleaning of living and dead material. According to the invention an enzyme preparation is used deriving from an animal of the order Eup ...

Ihnatowicz Edward: Method of presenting visual information. Univ London, May 2, 1984: GB2128842-A (136 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are disclosed for presenting visual information to an operator. The apparatus comprises a movable camera (13,14) for producing an image or means for producing an image which simulates that produced by a movable camera. A monitor (19,20) presents the image to the operator in su ...

Redziniak Gerard, Meybeck Alain: Process for homogenising dispersions of hydrated lipidic lamellar phases.. Dior Christian Parfums, May 2, 1984: EP0107559-A1 (83 worldwide citation)

La présente invention concerne un procédé d'homogénéisation de dispersions de phases lamellaires lipidiques hydratées et des suspensions obtenues par ce procédé. Le procédé de l'invention consiste à disperser une phase lipidique ou une phase lamellaire lipidique contenant un ou plusieurs lipides amp ...

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Magnetic materials comprising Fe, B, R (rare earth elements) and Co having a major phase of Fe-Co-B-R intermetallic compound(s) of tetragonal system, and sintered anisotropic permanent magnets consisting essentially of, by atomic percent, 8-30% R (at least one of rare earth elements inclusive of Y), ...


Jenkins Vernon K, Mayer Richard T: Pharmaceutical compositions containing benzoyl-phenyl ureas with anti-tumour activity.. Duphar Int Res, May 2, 1984: EP0107214-A2 (41 worldwide citation)

A method of and composition suitable for combating tumors in mammals is disclosed, characterized in that a therapeutically effective quantity of at least one 1-benzoyl-3-phenyl ureas or a metabolite thereof, which compounds are known per se, is administered in a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.

Ruzicka Jaromir, Hansen Elo Harald, Janata Jiri: Integrated microconduits for continuous flow analysis.. Bifok, Inflow Aps, May 2, 1984: EP0107631-A2 (40 worldwide citation)

A miniaturized system of conduits formed in integrated, monolithic structure includes a first plate (4) of rigid, nonporous material on one face of which is formed one or more channels (8), and a second plate (12) bonded to the one face of the first plate to cover the channel. Ducts (18) are formed ...

Kadin Saul Bernard, Sarges Reinhard: Triazoloquinoxalines as antidepressants and antifatigue agents.. Pfizer, May 2, 1984: EP0107455-A1 (34 worldwide citation)

[1,2,4]Triazolo[4,3-a]quinoxaline-4-amine derivatives of the formula: and the pharmaceutically acceptable acid addition salts thereof, wherein X and X are each hydrogen, fluorine, chlorine, bromine or methoxy; R1 is hydrogen, lower alkyl, lower perfluoroalkyl or phenyl; and R2 and R3 are each hydrog ...

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In a process in which at least one olefin is polymerized in the liquid phase in the presence or a catalyst system comprising a solid catalyst component, which contains at least one transition metal compound, and an organoaluminum compound to produce a polyolefin substantially insoluble in said liqui ...

Barnard Brian: Improvements in sheet material dispensers.. Bowater Scott, May 2, 1984: EP0107487-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

A dispenser comprises a housing 10 containing a web of sheet material separable into sheets along spaced lines of weakness. The housing 10 has a resilient element 22 in one wall 12 having an aperture 24 through which the web is dispensed, The aperture 24 is smaller than a rope of the web material an ...