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In a global positioning system (GPS), such as the NAVSTAR/GPS system, wherein the position coordinates of user terminals (14) are obtained by processing multiple signals transmitted by a constellation of orbiting satellites (16), an acquisition-aiding signal generated by an earth-based control stati ...

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A method for in situ recovery of oil from oil shale containing oil bearing compound. The method begins with thermally decomposing the kerogen underground to produce oil vapors, combustible gases, and carbon residue, followed by conducting the oil vapors and combustible gases to aboveground and recov ...

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6(R)-[2-(8'-acyloxy-2'-methyl-6'-methyl (or hydrogen)-polyhydronaphthyl-1')-ethyl]-4 (R)-hydroxy-3,4,5,6-tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-ones are prepared by acylation of the corresponding 8'-hydroxy compounds. The products are strong inhibitors of the biosynthesis of cholesterol.

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This invention relates to a high efficiency device for the direct conversion of light power to electrical power. Present photocells for accomplishing this purpose are well known to the art and have a theoretical efficiency not exceeding about 20%. In practice, realization of efficiency of about 10% ...

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Methods and apparatus for immunoassays. The apparatus comprises a water-insoluble article bearing a dried film of a synthetic, polymeric resin having attached chemical groups capable of forming covalent bonds with immunoreactants. The method and apparatus may be applied to determine total immunoglob ...

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Antibody producing human B-lymphocytes are produced by a process which comprises culturing human B-lymphocytes in a tissue culture medium in the presence of an antigen; helper signal producing agents comprising monocytes or monocyte conditioned medium containing Interleukin 1 (I1-1), and helper T-ly ...

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A process for making an electrosurgical pencil with rocker switch for holding and controlling a monopolar electrosurgical scalpel blade, wherein the rocker switch pivots on the exterior of the pencil body and is isolated from the interior of the body by a flexible waterproof seal. In the process for ...