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A programmable implantable infusion pump includes a housing containing a variable volume infusate chamber and variable volume control fluid pressure and displacement reservoirs. A conduit conducts infusate from the chamber exteriorly of the housing. A restricted fluid path exists between the two res ...

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A surgical stapling instrument for suturing tissues or organs. The instrument is of the type having a fixed anvil jaw, a movable staple cartridge-carrying jaw shiftable toward and away from the anvil jaw, and a staple driver actuator shiftable to actuate the staple driver of the staple cartridge to ...

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An improved inside rearview mirror particularly adapted for use with automotive vehicles, the mirror incorporating improved means for detecting and comparing the relative brightness of light forwardly and rearwardly of the vehicle and improved means responding automatically to annoying glare from th ...

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An electrode for living bodies consisting of a fine metal wire at least part of the surface of which is directly coated with a porous membrane having fine pores of an average pore diameter of greater than 0.01 .mu.m. The electrode makes it possible to measure the oxygen concentration in the blood ve ...

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A method of preparing an underground bed for treatment. A channel is formed in the bed extending from the ground down through the bed and up to the ground. A cutting device is inserted into the channel operated to form a pathway in a substantially vertical plane.

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An electronically controlled programmable wall thermostat provides better control of comfort temperature and permits improved energy-saving temperature setback at selected intervals of the day or night in multistage heating and cooling systems and is particularly useful in achieving improved energy ...

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A blood lancet device for taking blood for diagnostic purposes, having a housing with an exit opening for the lancet, a lancet guide for guiding the puncturing and return movement of the lancet, a spring drive for movement of the lancet and a stop by means of which the lancet is held in a position r ...

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Microbubbles are formed in a liquid, e.g., blood in order to alter the transmission characteristics thereof to electromagnetic and sonic waves transmitted therethrough, by dissolving therein a solid particulate material, preferably as a suspension in a carrier liquid in which the particulate materia ...

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One or more miniaturized credit indicators are affixed to a wallet-size primary plate bearing the name, signature, picture and account number of an authorized user. Each of the indicators represent a different credit account. The indicators are locked into recessed spaces on the face of the plate. M ...

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A dry preparation having a foam-like and, respectively, fleece-like structure obtained by freeze-drying consists, apart from thrombin in at least catalytically active amounts, substantially of approx. 10 to 95% by weight of fibrin and approx. 5 to 90% by weight of fibrinogen. For the preparation the ...