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A golf club head comprising two or more thin shell sections, for instance a front shell section and a rear shell section, or a face shell section, a top shell section and a body shell section including a bottom section and a side section, are secured together along their edges to form a one-piece sh ...

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The present invention relates to a new zeolite material having a composition (molar ratios of the oxides) corresponding to the formula:

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In a CATV system, power supplies of television sets associated with all terminal units are cut in response to an instruction contained in a down-data signal supplied by a central facility of the system. It is possible to cut the power supplies of the television sets, selectively and periodically, by ...

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An osmotic drug (or other beneficial substance) delivery system comprises a multi-chamber compartment formed by an external shell and one or more chamber-dividing walls each with a small orifice, of a microporous material and overlayers of semipermeable membranes completely covering the outer shell ...

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A public access network operating in conjunction with existing telecommunication lines to permit a caller holding a machine-readable credit card to make calls from any local station included in the network without having to deposit coins and without human intervention. The network is constituted by ...

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Equipment for continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis in which a solution container is coupled via flexible tubing to a patient's tube that communicates with the patient's peritoneal cavity by means of a catheter, usually a surgically implanted catheter. The equipment includes a flexible, foldable ...

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A medical staple device for holding, driving, and withdrawing medical staples comprising a uniquely configured integral member of metal construction wherein, due to the intrinsic nature of the material, opposed staple holding portions are formed which naturally tend to move away from each other and ...

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High aspect ratio chemically and spectrally sensitized tabular grain silver halide emulsions, photographic elements incorporating these emulsions, and processes for the use of the photographic elements are disclosed. In the tabular grain emulsions the silver halide grains having a thickness of less ...

Andre Desplats: Release mechanism for a traction apparatus acting on a cable which passes therethrough. Tractel, William A Drucker, March 27, 1984: US04438659 (162 worldwide citation)

A release mechanism is provided ensuring simultaneous opening of the two clamps of a traction apparatus for freeing the cable which passes therethrough.

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Inflating and deflating device adapted to be used by a human hand. It comprises a housing and a syringe carried by the housing. The syringe comprises a syringe body having an outlet through which liquid can pass and a piston slidably mounted in the syringe body and forming a sealing engagement with ...