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A portion of crude shale oil produced from an in situ oil shale retort is blended with shale oil produced from a Tosco II retorting process to produce a blended shale oil composition having a pour point lower than the pour point of the shale oil produced from the Tosco II retorting process.

Paul Baran: Packetized ensemble modem. Telebit Corporation, Townsend and Townsend, March 20, 1984: US04438511 (206 worldwide citation)

A high speed digital data modem particularly suited for use on a dial up telephone line is disclosed. For the transmit ensemble, the telephone passband is divided into sixty-four sub-bands each with a carrier located approximately in the center of each sub-band. Each carrier is amplitude and phase m ...

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Multiblock copolymers having the following general formula: ##STR1## where R represents alkylene and Ar is an aromatic group, are obtained by transesterification of poly(glycolic acid) and an hydroxyl-ended poly(alkylene glycol) such as poly(oxyethylene) in the presence of a catalyst with the degree ...

Alberto Valli: Peritoneal catheter device for dialysis. Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, March 20, 1984: US04437856 (159 worldwide citation)

A peritoneal catheter device for dialysis comprises a rigid catheter wherearound a membrane is arranged which is permeable for a dialysing liquid and shaped to a substantially balloon-like shape by application of a pressure, such as to expand the area reached by the dialysing liquid.

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Data display device, including a plate-shaped flat pedestal part having a rectangular base with four sides, front, rear and lateral edges, and an upper surface having a recess formed therein parallel to the lateral edges, a plate-shaped screen part being disposed on top of the pedestal part and havi ...

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A photodiode receiver circuit having self-contained automatic gain control and which is temperature compensated over a wide operating range contains a resistor coupled in series between a bias power supply and one end of an avalanche photodiode. Self-generated AGC action results from the fact that t ...

James J Crow: Electrosurgical generator safety apparatus. C R Bard, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, March 20, 1984: US04437464 (133 worldwide citation)

Leakage cancelling apparatus suitable for use in electrosurgery apparatus to prevent electrical burns is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a transformer which is connected in the electrical circuit between the electrosurgical source and the patient. The transformer has a primary winding connected i ...

Chandler H McIver: Integrated circuit package. Honeywell Information Systems, Edward W Hughes, Wm W Holloway Jr, L J Marhoefer, March 20, 1984: US04437235 (131 worldwide citation)

An integrated circuit package in which integrated circuit (I.C.) chips having flexible beam leads, the inner lead bond sites of which are bonded to input/output (I/O) terminals on the active faces of the chips, are mounted active face down on a surface of a substrate. The surface of the substrate is ...

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An ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymer composition comprising two ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymers which are different in density, intrinsic viscosity and the number of short chain branching per 1000 carbon atoms. Extrusion processed materials, injection molded materials and films obtained from said ...

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The method of the present invention is used to make a multiconductor coil having an outer diameter equal to the diameter of a winding mandrel plus the diameter of wires being coiled while preserving homogeneity of the insulating coating and of the insulation between the wires. The method includes th ...