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In a memory protection system for a computer, memory protection information provided for each of the memory areas of a memory and memory protection information provided for each of the programs executed by a processor are collated to determine allowance/inhibition of access to the memory. By detecti ...

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A method for synchronizing the scrambling sequences of communicating scrambler units of a privacy communications system in a reliable and secure manner. The method is particularly adapted for use in noisy or fade prone transmission environments, and permits late entry of authorized third parties to ...

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A method for synthesizing diamond wherein hydrogen gas which has passed through a micro-wave non-electrode discharge and mixed with hydrocarbon gas, or a mixture gas consisting of hydrocarbon and hydrogen after its passing through a micro-wave non-electrode discharge, is introduced onto the surface ...

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A process for partially purifying an osteogenic factor from demineralized bone particles in which nonfibrous proteins are extracted from the demineralized bone with a dissociative extractant for nonfibrous proteins, such as urea or guanidine hydrochloride, the extracted nonfibrous proteins are fract ...

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A delivery device is disclosed for delivering a beneficial drug to a biological environment of use. The device comprises a hydrogel reservoir containing tiny pills. The tiny pills comprise a wall surrounding a drug core.

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The closure device comprises a box-like body associated with one of the ski boot flaps to be brought together and provided with a knob for actuating a spool whereon at least one small cable associated with the other of the flaps to be brought together is wound. Also provided is a ratchet gear mechan ...

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An obfuscation device for use in cable television systems includes a memory for storing a plurality of channel status bits. The state of each channel status bit corresponds to the authorization or non-authorization of a particular channel. The obfuscation device includes a circuit for selecting a nu ...

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An automatic bank note transaction apparatus comprises a first unit detachably mounted in a housing and including safes disposed at one side thereof and a second unit provided in the housing, adjacent to and detachably mounted on the first unit and connected to a bank note dispensing port of the hou ...

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Articles and methods for forming thin film flakes and replicated coatings having preselected optical properties. The articles generally comprise a flexible web of material and an optical coating formed on one surface of the web. Web materials having the characteristic of being soluble in a preselect ...

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A unique microprocessor for controlling portable and mobile cellular radiotelephones is architectured to process high speed supervisory signalling, while also minimizing power drain. The architecture of the microprocessor is organized around three buses, a data bus, a register bus and an address bus ...