John Zebelean: Metal golf driver. Pro Pattern, Harris Kern Wallen & Tinsley, February 21, 1984: US04432549 (267 worldwide citation)

An all metal hollow golf driver is formed by casting a first main part from metal, e.g., stainless steel, in the shape of practically a complete golf driver, except for an opening on one side of the driver body, e.g., the sole side. A second cast part fits within the opening and is weldable thereto ...

Robert M Best: Cryptographic decoder for computer programs. Seed and Berry, February 21, 1984: US04433207 (256 worldwide citation)

An integrated circuit decoder for providing microcomputer users with access to several proprietary programs selected from a large group of such programs that have been distributed to users in cipher. The decoder chip can decipher a program if an enciphered key called a "permit code" is presented to ...

Eliezer Kinsbron, William T Lynch: Formation of sidewall oxide layers by reactive oxygen ion etching to define submicron features. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, David I Caplan, February 21, 1984: US04432132 (193 worldwide citation)

This invention involves the defining of a submicron feature (21 or 93) in a structure, typically an insulated gate field effect transistor structure (30, 40, or 110). This feature is defined by a sidewall oxide protective masking layer (21 or 71) formed by reactive oxygen ion etching of the structur ...

Christian Pusineri, Jean Goletto: Mixtures of polymers for medical use. Hospal Sodip, Gerald D Sharkin, Robert S Honor, Walter F Jewell, February 21, 1984: US04433072 (187 worldwide citation)

Polymer compositions of a mixture of vinyl chloride polymer and polyurethane with tertiary amine and/or ammonium groups and heparin.

Walther G Grot: Process for making liquid composition of perfluorinated ion exchange polymer, and product thereof. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, February 21, 1984: US04433082 (163 worldwide citation)

A process is provided for making a liquid composition of a perfluorinated polymer having sulfonic acid or sulfonate groups in a liquid medium by contacting the polymer with a mixture of 25 to 100% by weight of water and 0 to 75% by weight of a second liquid component such as a lower alcohol, e.g., p ...

Van E Mumford, Louis Sasmor, Edward A Schroeppel: Interactive programmer for biomedical implantable devices. Cordis Corporation, Kenway & Jenney, February 21, 1984: US04432360 (129 worldwide citation)

A computer-controlled programmer having a user-interactive display is designed to control the parameters of a wide variety of implantable devices with different programming requirements. During programming, screen messages prompt the user to perform required actions by pressing lighted targets on th ...

Arnold M McCalmont, Matthew W Slate: Privacy communication system employing time/frequency transformation. Technical Communications Corporation, Cesari and McKenna, February 21, 1984: US04433211 (125 worldwide citation)

A privacy communication system digitizes a voice signal and divides the signal into different frequency bands or time segments and shifts the bands or segments in frequency and/or time under control of a continually changing pseudo-random key word to develop an encrypted transmitted signal having th ...

Mary S Eustis, Augustus W Eustis: Data processing with format varying. Charles Hieken, February 21, 1984: US04433377 (123 worldwide citation)

There are sequencers and format registers which create variable length digital data signal fields and associated field attributes, both with the fields and operations performed on the fields in a random access memory with a central processing unit having comprehensive processing capability, includin ...

Irving E Fixel: Compression hip screw apparatus. Richard M Saccocio, February 21, 1984: US04432358 (112 worldwide citation)

Compression hip screw apparatus comprising a lag screw, a hip plate, a compression nut and a locking assembly. The lag screw is inserted through the barrel of the hip plate after the hip plate is installed which eliminates the need to find a lag screw buried within the femur. Keyless construction fu ...

Susumu Oshiro: Articulated tube structure for use in an endoscope. Fuji Photo Optical, February 21, 1984: US04432349 (107 worldwide citation)

An articulated tube structure for use in an endoscope or the like consists of a number of elementary tubes connected in end-to-end relationship. Between the adjacent elementary tubes are provided springs to urge the articulated tube to bend in one direction. The endoscope is provided with a manipula ...