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A method and apparatus for more accurate measurements of the glucose content in body fuids by sensing the absolute level of oxygen concentration in the fluid and correcting the output differential measurement indicative of the glucose content in the fluid according to the absolute level of oxygen.

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A method of and apparatus for determining very accurately the position of a device inside biological tissue comprising a detecting instrument with a probe, which probe generates a small magnetic field which can be disturbed by a magnetically permeable metal in the device inside the tissue when a nar ...

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The disclosure embraces a golf ball and method of making same wherein the golf ball has a solid (not thread-wound) resilient center or core, and a multilayer cover construction which involves a first layer or ply of molded hard, high flexural modulus resinous material on the core, and a second or co ...

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A method for dynamic replication of data under distributed system control to control the utilization of resources in a multiprocessing, distributed data base system. Previously, systems providing for data replication at nodes of a multiprocessing, distributed data base system required that a central ...

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The disclosure is directed to an improved enzyme electrode which includes a first electrode having at least one kind of an enzyme immobilized on it for electrochemically detecting a substance to be produced in association with a reaction based on the enzyme, and a second electrode for electrochemica ...

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Methods and apparatus for short term and long term intravenous therapy including hyperalimentation are disclosed. The proximal end of a flexible catheter having a one way valve adjacent its proximal end is inserted through the skin of a patient and into a vein having a suitably large flow of blood t ...

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A unique ceramic bandpass filter is disclosed that is comprised of a dielectric block having one or more holes extending from its top surface to its bottom surface and further having input and output electrodes each disposed on the dielectric block at a predetermined distance from a corresponding ho ...

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A flexible, nonstress-bearing bone prosthesis is disclosed that comprises demineralized bone powder contained within a medical grade porous flexible casing made from polymeric fibers or a micro-porous membrane. The pores of the casing are smaller than the particle size of the bone powder but large e ...

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A dimensionally stable sealant and spacer strip comprising an elongated ribbon of deformable sealant enveloping and having embedded therein spacer means extending longitudinally of the ribbon of sealant. The thickness of the enveloping sealant extends beyond the spacer means in an amount sufficient ...

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Aphasias and other neurologically based speech and language impairments are treated by means of a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator. Preferably an irregular pulse train is applied by means of a pseudorandom pulse generator to the stimulator electrodes. The trapezoidal, monophasic pulses mim ...